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Lunar mansions are a fascinating magical system which mirrors, but is completely set apart from, the zodiac, which is geocentric (centered around the Earth) but oriented to the orbit of planets around the Sun. The lunar astrological system is oriented around the path of the Moon around the Earth, marking the 12.857 degrees she transits across the celestial sphere (the sky) every 24 hours.

MedievalAstrologyGuide.com puts it succinctly:

The Lunar Mansions are determined by the position of the Moon as she circles the Earth. Taking her average motion of 12° 51′ and 26″ and dividing that by the 360°s of the zodiac, we arrive at the 28 distinct positions the Moon can occupy in the sky on any given night.


I am interested in this system of magic for its accessibility, that is, the availability of opportunities to work magic practically. The benefit of astrological magic in general is that magical workings tend to be more effective when aligned with the natural cycles of the planets and stars.

The lunar mansion system comprises 28 windows of opportunity to perform magic of different types within each lunar cycle (roughly a month). Though many of these opportunities are not suitable for workings in a given cycle, the fact remains that a practitioner can find a reasonably good astrological configuration for essentially any type of magic within a few weeks -rather than the months or years one might have to wait for an ideal planetary transit to take place.

A chart of the 28 divisions of the lunar orbit we refer to as lunar mansions

The format of the ritual is essentially a Picatrix-style invocation of the Moon followed by a conjuration of the spirit of the lunar mansion where the moon is currently “resting”.

Timing for the ritual operates on the same logic as typical planetary magic. The planet being petitioned (always the Moon) must be:

  • on the Ascendant
  • in a favorable position
  • not square or opposed to any planet, or conjunct a malefic, or combust, or otherwise maltreated

Any positive aspects, or beneficial placements of the Moon, improve the outcome of relevant magical workings performed during the configuration but, these other conditions must all be met first.

This post lays a foundation for a new monthly series on the blog, focused on lunar mansion magic, by detailing the method I use to find lunar mansion elections (suitably auspicious times) and examining the structure of the invocation / conjuration ritual I adapted from Warnock and Jackson. Think of this post as your quick-start guide to lunar mansion magic.

In a few days, I will share the first post of a new monthly series focused on making the lunar mansion magic system more accessible. In these monthly posts I will look at the upcoming lunar cycle and identify a set of dates and times which may be used for various lunar mansion workings -along with example rituals to get you started if you’d like to experiment with this system as well. I hesitate to call these “elections” because great elections are hard to come by. Generally speaking, expect these to be reasonably good times for lunar mansion rituals rather than ideal opportunities for making astrological talismans.

Additionally, I will also be sharing some of my experiments with syncretizing lunar mansions with my personal Hekate practice (since she is the polymorphous lunar deity), including the ritual tech I use for these workings.

Why focus on lunar mansions? Because life is full of reasons to do magic and the lunar mansion system provides many opportunities. But also…because celestial magic has such a complex and intertwined history with patriarchal colonialism and we could use more Goddess-centric magic in the world.

There are relatively few sources on lunar mansion magic, but I will continue to explore the topic through further reading and personal experimentation and update this practical guide to lunar mansion magic along the way.

Scroll to the bottom for a printable version of the full ritual.

Image: Goldpine part II by Artemis Linz

The Lunar Day

It’s not quite correct to say that this system dedicates each day to a different type of working, because the “lunar day” doesn’t line up with the solar day and is different everywhere on Earth. However, this is -in effect- the theory of the lunar mansion system. A given day of the week may take place while the moon transits two adjacent lunar mansions because the moon rises and sets separately from the Sun, and at different times, depending on where you are on the planet.

Fortunately Lunarium.co provides a free lunar mansion calendar that can be easily personalized to your location.

Visit Lunarium.co and click “Change Location” to personalize the lunar calendar.
The Lunar Calendar shows the time that the moon enters a new lunar mansion the rounded squares. In this image the 16th lunar mansion begins at 3:48 pm on Tuesday the 2nd of November, 2021 where we are in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The Mansions And Their Spirits

Each of the 28 lunar mansions have unique natures, ruling spirits, and magical effects; by calling on the spirit of the mansion while the moon is (well-configured) in the mansion, a mage can either petition the spirit for a particular desired outcome or ensoul a talisman with its essence.

This table lists the 28 mansions of the moon, along with their names, degrees within the tropical zodiac (rather than the sidereal), names of their ruling spirit, and magical uses:

*This information was sourced from Christopher Warnock’s “Mansions Of The Moon”, which is currently available on Kindle Unlimited. The images for each are direct quotes but I took a little liberty paraphrasing the “magical uses” based on Warnock’s full description of the mansion,  differentiate the mansions with related qualities.

1st Lunar Mansion: Al-Sharatain

Name: Al-Sharatain (Horns Of Aries)
Degrees: 0 Aries to 12 Aries 51
Spirit: Geniel
Magical Uses: Discord, destruction, beginning journeys, making medicines

Image: “A man with his hair wrapped and encircled, sanding erect on his feet, and holding tightly a lance in his right hand”

2nd Lunar Mansion: Al-Butain

Name: Al-Butain (Belly Of Aries)
Degrees: 12 Aries 51 to 25 Aries 42
Spirit: Enediel
Magical Uses: Hidden treasures, planting seeds, removal of anger

Image: “A crowned king, sitting cross-legged with a scepter in his left hand”

3rd Lunar Mansion: Al-Thurraya

Name: Al-Thurraya (The Many Little Ones)
Degrees: 25 Aries 42 to 8 Taurus 34
Spirit: Amixiel
Magical Uses: Safe travel (by sea especially), alchemy, hunting, and acquiring good things

Image: “A seated woman with her right hand over her head in a mudra gesture”

4th Lunar Mansion: Al-Dabaran

Name: Al-Dabaran (The Follower)
Degrees: 8 Taurus 34 to 21 Taurus 25
Spirit: Azariel
Magical Uses: Destruction, discord, enmity

Image:  “An armed man riding a war horse holding a snake in his right hand”

5th Lunar Mansion: Al-Haqa

Name: Al-Haqa (The White Spot)
Degrees: 21 Taurus 25 to 4 Gemini 17
Spirit: Gabiel
Magical Uses: Salvation, improving or damaging relationships, receiving good things from authorities

Image:  “A head without a body”

6th Lunar Mansion: Al-Hana

Name: Al-Hana(Little Star Of Great Light)
Degrees: 4 Gemini 17 to 17 Gemini 8
Spirit: Dirachiel
Magical Uses: Attraction or repulsion

Image: “Two people embracing”

7th Lunar Mansion: Al-Dhira

Name: Al-Dhira (The Forearm)
Degrees: 17 Gemini 8 to 0 Cancer
Spirit: Scheliel
Magical Uses: Abundance, profit, acquisition of good things

Image: “A man clothed in robes with his hands extended to heaven in the manner of prayer”

8th Lunar Mansion: Al-Nathrah

Name: Al-Nathrah (The Gap)
Degrees: 0 Cancer to 12 Cancer 51
Spirit: Amnediel
Magical Uses: Victory, friendship between allies, safe travels

Image: “An eagle with the head of a man”

9th Lunar Mansion: Al-Tarf

Name: Al-Tarf (Glance Of The Lions Eye)
Degrees: 12 Cancer 51 to 25 Cancer 42
Spirit: Barbiel
Magical Uses: Destruction of resources 

Image: “A man covering his eyes”

10th Lunar Mansion: Al-Jabhah

Name: Al-Jabhah (Brow Of Leo)
Degrees: 25 Cancer 42 to 8 Leo 34
Spirit: Ardesiel
Magical Uses: Curing illness, love, and vitality 

Image: “The head of a lion”

11th Lunar Mansion: Al-Zubrah

Name: Al-Zubrah (Mane Of Leo)
Degrees: 8 Leo 34 to 21 Leo 25
Spirit: Neciel
Magical Uses: Glory, receiving good, profit from trade, favor from authority 

Image: “A man riding a lion, holding a lance in his right hand and holding the ear of the lion with his left hand”

12th Lunar Mansion: Al-Sarfah

Name: Al-Sarfah (Tail Of Leo)
Degrees: 21 Leo 25 to 4 Virgo 17
Spirit: Abdizuel
Magical Uses: Conflict, separation, increase, and gain of allies 

Image: “A dragon fighting with a man”

13th Lunar Mansion: Al-Awwa

Name: Al-Awwa (Wings Of Virgo)
Degrees: 4 Virgo 17 to 17 Virgo 8
Spirit: Jazeriel
Magical Uses: Union, desire, increase, fertility, lust, eroticism 

Image: “A man desiring to be in coitus with a woman”

14th Lunar Mansion: Al-Simak

Name: Al-Simak (The Unarmed)
Degrees: 17 Virgo 8 to 0 Libra
Spirit: Ergediel
Magical Uses: Love or aversion, passion, conflict, enmity

Image: “A dog holding his tail in his mouth”

15th Lunar Mansion: Al-Ghafr

Name: Al-Ghafr (The Covering)
Degrees: 0 Libra to 12 Libra 51
Spirit: Ataliel
Magical Uses: The acquisition of friendship and good will 

Image: “A seated man, holding various scrolls together in his hand”

16th Lunar Mansion: Al-Zubana

Name: Al-Zubana (Horns Of Scorpio)
Degrees: 12 Libra 51 to 25 Libra 42
Spirit: Azaruel
Magical Uses: Profit from buying and selling, balance of wealth 

Image: “A man seated upon a throne and holding a scale in his hands”

17th Lunar Mansion: Al-Iklil

Name: Al-Iklil (Crown Of Scorpio)
Degrees: 25 Libra 42 to 8 Scorpio 14
Spirit: Adriel
Magical Uses: Protecting wealth, durable friendships, convincing deceptions 

Image: “A monkey…holding his hands above his shoulders”

18th Lunar Mansion: Al-Qalib

Name: Al-Qalib (Heart Of The Scorpion)
Degrees: 8 Scorpio 34 to 21 Scorpio 25
Spirit: Egibiel
Magical Uses: Protection, vengeance, conspiracy 

Image: “An adder holding its tail above its head”

19th Lunar Mansion: Al-Shaula

Name: Al-Shaula (Tail Of The Scorpion)
Degrees: 21 Scorpio 25 to 4 Sagittarius 17
Spirit: Amutiel
Magical Uses: Dominion, destruction, to drive people away 

Image: “A woman holding her hands before her face”

20th Lunar Mansion: Al-Na’am

Name: Al-Na’am (The Beam)
Degrees: 4 Sagittarius 17 to 17 Sagittarius 8
Spirit: Kyriel
Magical Uses: Taming wild animals, command of people 

Image: “A figure with the head and arms of a man and the body of a horse, holding a bow in its hands”

21st Lunar Mansion: Al-Baldah

Name: Al-Baldah (The City)
Degrees: 17 Sagittarius 8 to 0 Capricorn
Spirit: Bethnael
Magical Uses: Beginnings and endings, creation and destruction 

Image: “A man with two faces, with one facing forward and one facing behind”

22nd Lunar Mansion: Sa’d Al-Dhabih

Name: Sa’d Al-Dhabih (Lucky One Of The Slaughterers)
Degrees: 0 Capricorn to 12 Capricorn 51
Spirit: Geliel
Magical Uses: Curing illnesses, creating enmity, and binding tongues from speaking 

Image: “A man with wings on his feet, bearing a helmet on his head”

23rd Lunar Mansion: Sa’d Al-Bulah

Name: Sa’d Al-Bulah (The Fortune Of The Glutton)
Degrees: 12 Capricorn 51 to 25 Capricorn 42
Spirit: Requiel
Magical Uses: Separation, destruction, endings 

Image: “A cat with the head of a dog”

24th Lunar Mansion: Sa’d Al-Su’ud

Name: Sa’d Al-Su’ud (The Luckiest Of The Lucky)
Degrees: 25 Capricorn 42 to 8 Aquarius 34
Spirit: Abrinael
Magical Uses: Increase, prosperity, birth, good will, success 

Image: “A woman breastfeeding”

25th Lunar Mansion: Sad Al-Akhbiyah

Name: Sad Al-Akhbiyah (Lucky Star Of Hidden Things)
Degrees: 8 Aquarius 34 to 21 Aquarius 25
Spirit: Aziel
Magical Uses: Protection of resources, growth and barrenness 

Image: “A man planting”

26th Lunar Mansion: Al Fargh Al-Awwal

Name: Al Fargh Al-Awwal (The Upper Spout)
Degrees: 21 Aquarius 25 to 4 Pisces 17
Spirit: Tagriel
Magical Uses: Creation of (lasting) love, strengthening relationships 

Image: “A woman washing and combing her hair”

27th Lunar Mansion: Al Fargh Al-Thani

Name: Al Fargh Al-Thani (The Lower Spout)
Degrees: 4 Pisces 17 to 17 Pisces 8
Spirit: Alheniel
Magical Uses: Gain through someone else’s loss 

Image: “A winged man, holding in his hand an empty perforated vessel”

28th Lunar Mansion: Batn Al-Hut

Name: Batn Al-Hut (Belly Of The Fish)
Degrees: 17 Pisces 8 To 0 Aries
Spirit: Amnixiel
Magical Uses: Culmination, increase of harvest, attracting prosperity

Image: “A fish”

Image: Moonlight Walk by Michal Kváč

Ritual Structure

A lunar mansion ritual is essentially just a lunar planetary invocation, followed by the conjuration of the angel of the moon (Gabriel), and of the spirit of the mansion, followed by a petition / spell / creation of a talisman.

The traditional system is built around renaissance-era Christian theurgy, i.e. calling upon angels.  Warnock and Jackson have provided a comprehensive ritual process in his book “Mansions of the Moon”, but out of respect for their copyright, I will not reprint the entirety of their lunar mansion ritual here. However, Warnock provides a basic planetary invocation for Luna on his website which will serve our purposes.

Get a copy of their essential guide to lunar mansions on Kindle or Kindle Unlimited.


As with a typical planetary invocation, the ritual requires incense, offerings, and candles (sympathetic to the nature of the Moon), the kamea, seal, and sigil of the intelligence, of the moon. Lastly, you will also need a version of the image described for the lunar mansion. 

  • Frankincense will suffice for the incense, as well as any lunar herbs. 
  • Wine, water, honey, bread, and eggs make excellent offerings.
  • White candles, 3 or 9 of them if possible, is most appropriate.
  • The kamea, seal, and sigil of the intelligence, of the moon (print the image below).

Set these out on an altar space with sufficient room for these elements and a working area of at least 10″ x 10″. 

Source: AndrewBWatt.com

Making Images

Ancient astrological magic typically took the form of “making images”, which is also known as “making talismans”.

The concept of “making images” refers to petitioning the planetary intelligence (of the Moon in this case) to ensoul a talisman with their pneuma (spirit / essence), imbuing the talisman with magical properties, according to its nature.

Alternatively, you can “make petitions” instead of “images” by creating a paper talisman and writing your petition on it (front side for positive intentions, back side for the reverse).

Warnock’s book and Mansions Mini Course feature Nigel Jackson’s mansion art which depict the images described in the Picatrix. You can also draw or paint your own rendition, if you prefer.

Image: The selected Moon by werol


Timing is the most important (and challenging) aspect of an astrological magic ritual, and lunar mansions are no exception. Not every lunar day has a magically-auspicious time (election) for a ritual. A set of specific conditions must be met to maximize the probability of a spell achieving the desired outcome. 

I’ll quote Warnock (interpreting the Picatrix), for clarity:

“Make images for love and delight and to visit kings and high lords [benefic things] in the day of the Moon, increasing in light in Sagittarius, Taurus, Cancer, or Pisces (and with the Head of the Dragon, she is strong in works [of magic]) and always when the Moon is in a fortunate Mansion and one appropriate for the work…

…and conversely make images for evil [when] the Moon is in an unfortunate Mansion and with unfortunate planets or aspecting the same with a square or opposition. And when these [images] are made in such a way your work will be carried out in everything according to your wishes.”


Let’s take this example apart one piece at a time…

“Make images to delight and to visit kings and high lords…”

This means, “impress important people”…

“…in the day of the Moon, increasing in light in Sagittarius, Taurus, Cancer, or Pisces (and with the head of the dragon) …”

…on Monday, while the moon is waxing in signs ruled by Jupiter (who rules kings and lords and grand occasions), or the Moon is in a sign of its domicile or where it is exalted, or conjunct Rahu (the North Node) where it is very powerful.

*This is an example of a spell that is Jupiterian in nature. A “love” spell would substitute Jupiter for Venus, and Sagittarius and Pisces for the Venus-ruled signs Taurus (which is already included by virtue of the Moon’s exaltation in Taurus) and Libra.

“…and always when the Moon is in a fortunate Mansion and one appropriate for the work…”

…when the Moon is a mansion which fits the type of working you’re attempting; which is a matter of exploring the list of lunar mansions above for ones with suitable characteristics.

For example, if you want to grow a business, you would only want to consider elections where the moon is in mansions 7, 11, 12, 15, 16, 24, 25, 27, or 28 where it will bring prosperity and growth.

“…and conversely make images for evil [when] the Moon is in an unfortunate Mansion and with unfortunate planets or aspecting the same with a square or opposition….”

To make malefic talismans (or petitions), the system works the same, but in “reverse”, meaning that the moon should be waning in a destructive mansion while in signs ruled by Saturn (Capricorn and Aquarius) or Mars (Aries and Scorpio) or negatively aspected by either malefic with a square, opposition, or conjunction.

*Though it’s not specifically mentioned in Warnock’s example, the same logic about the Moon aspecting malefics presumably works in “reverse” with the benefics; so that the Moon positively aspecting a benefic is equivalent to being in a signed ruled by one, if all other conditions are met.

Finally, Warnock adds a few more conditions in a later passage, including:

  • placing the Moon on the Ascendant or Midheaven
  • while the Moon is not applying to a conjunction to any afflicted planet or Ketu (South Node)
  • and the Moon is not combust (within 9 degrees of the Sun)

Good Enough Timing

Obviously, all those conditions being in place at the same time is extremely rare, and in practice you have to compromise on the best election that’s available in your timeframe.

It’s most important to have the Moon on the Ascendant or Midheaven in a sign that’s ruled by the planet that also rules the area of life you’re trying to affect -or in a supporting aspect to them- while also not being aspected by any planet contrary to your purpose.

Image: Talking To The Moon by CaelGibran

Invocation And Conjuration

Finally, all that’s left is performing the ritual itself, which is easy in comparison to the planning and preparation that goes into a lunar mansion ritual. Warnock and Jackson provide more elaborate rituals in the book I’ve mentioned previously but any invocation and conjuration that follows the same pattern will suffice. 

We’ll follow the same top-down path from invocation to conjuration exemplified in all the prayers in the Picatrix, starting with an invocation to the Moon.

Luna Invocation (RenaissanceAstrology.com)

*Notice that Warnock invokes Luna by “all her names” to complete the conjuration…

I invoke you by all your names; in Arabic, Qamar; in Latin, Luna; in Persian, Mah; in Greek, Sam’a’il; in Indian, Suma; in Roman, Selene and receive in this place my petition. Thanks be unto you, O Moon!


Next we call the minister of lunar power, the aspect of the Moon which will “authorize” our petition. In Warnock’s system this is the angel Gabriel. 

Gabriel Conjuration (Mansions Of The Moon)

Many-named Moon, grant this working be true, and successful and call forth the great angel Gabriel who is appointed to the sphere of the Moon to hear my incantations.

By the infinite one and the holy unutterable name of God, by the peak of sin, the crescent crowned Monarch. By the silver horns of Selene and the might of Gabriel, by the 28 forms of the Moon.

Christopher Warnock

And for the big finish we use the end of Jackson’s ritual, which is tailored for use with lunar mansion spirits:

Petitioning (Mansions Of The Moon)

By this rite of nigromantic art
In the supreme power of the Light of Lights
By the eternal forms of light, Masters of the Talismans
In the Name beyond all Names
Descend O [spirit], Celestial Intelligence of [name of mansion]
Descend, we implore thee, from the perfumed Mandal of the Lamps of the Moon
Breathe thy power into this Talisman and ensoul it with thy pneumata

Nigel Jackson
View A Printable Version Of The Full Ritual

Monthly Mansion Magic

Lunar mansions offer us an extremely convenient system of astrological magic that does not have to wait on the perfect alignment of the planets to come into position, but primarily relies on the position of the moon (and planetary rulership) to produce an entire spectrum of useful enchantments.

Similar to spirits-of-the-hour grimoires like the Hygromanteia, the lunar mansions as outlined by the authors of the Picatrix, Agrippa, and respected modern practitioners like Christopher Warnock, provides a system of magic which is accessible and practical, and enables the practitioner to work regularly. Rather than waiting for the ideal planetary configuration (which could take years), the moon may rest in a suitable position for a particular working up to a few times a month.

This allows us to experiment with mansion magic regularly, learning as we go,  and to build a relationship with the mansion spirits as we work with them again and again.

I hope you follow along with our experiments -or partake on your own! And I’d love to hear your thoughts as you do.

Featured Image: Moon Night 052819 by Scott Richard

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