The Month Ahead: June 2023

Introducing a new timely update featuring the astro-politics of the month ahead, related news, and my favorite content from the community.

I’m experimenting with a new type of timely content where I look at the upcoming month and its astrology, any correlations in the world, and any especially good (or especially bad) days for working magic, plus cast a glance back at the previous month to share all the interesting things I found -many of which inform and inspire the content that I’m producing now. So this is a good way to take a deeper dive into the topics that I’m focused on by following along with what I’m reading / watching / etc. These posts are patterned after a monthly newsletter, so they’ll be eclectic but full of little gems and timely insights.

I’ll also offer brief commentary on the general state of the world and the global karma that’s currently expressing; looking at our crazy timeline from an astrological (and anarchistic) perspective, to find the medicine in the moment.

In June, the astrology seems to be winding up to more volatile expressions of fate in the following months. It’s not that nothing is happening now -quite the opposite- but there is a lot of stuff happening now that’s mostly for show -that Mars in Leo false bravado is already coming in strong. But thanks to the Jupiter / North Node conjunction as Jupiter ingressed into Taurus, the last few weeks have been demonstrative of what we can expect over this transit (and, I think most noticeably towards its end).

The big transit of June is going to be Venus and Mars dancing in and out of close conjunction several times before separating in July. From simmer to boil back to simmer and back to boil again, we’ll all be feeling this one enflaming our passions and our pride. We’ll almost certainly see some prideful faux pas being made on the world stage, so keep that ego in check to avoid making the same relationship-damaging mistakes in your own life.

Magical Moments In June 2023 (EST time zone)

  • June 5: 22nd Lunar Mansion, Al Sa’ad Al Dhabi, for “escape”
  • June 7: 25th Lunar Mansion, Al Sa’ad Al Akbiyah, for the “protection of crops” and “strengthening buildings” (featured election in June mansion guide)
  • June 12: 1st Lunar Mansion, Al Sharatain, for “beginning journeys”
  • June 21 (9:30ish PM in the US): 11th Lunar Mansion, Al Zubrah, for “pride and receiving good”
  • June 26: 15th Lunar Mansion, Al Ghafr, for “friendship and all good things” (featured election in the June mansion guide)

“Magical moments” marked as featured in the lunar mansion guide are all high-quality elections where you can make a talisman. The others are not suitable for talismans but are interesting times astrologically that are worthy of a spell or other one-off magical ritual.

Click here to watch the June Lunar Mansion Guide (when it’s published)

Significant Astrological Transits Of June 2023

The last few weeks have been a busy time geopolitically, with the fall of Bakhmut and attempts by NATO to drag out the fighting in Ukraine in a longer, “frozen” conflict, and, to this end, guerrilla or “terrorist” style incursions into Russia have begun by Ukraine-aligned revolutionary forces operating along the Russia / Ukraine border (using NATO military equipment). The capture of Bakhmut marks the end of one phase of the conflict and the beginning of another and this roughly synchs with the ingress of Jupiter into Taurus.

Jupiter’s expansive nature leaving fiery Aries (ruled by Mars) and moving into the fixed earth sign of Taurus (ruled by Venus) likely means the Ukraine / Russia conflict will “go to ground”, moving into a (somewhat) less intense grind, with a focus on capturing territory. This is in contrast to the fiery onslaught of Jupiter’s time in brutal Aries, which was defined by the Russians and Ukrainians trading staggering quantities of artillery, bombs, drones, and so on in Bakhmut and other Ukrainian cities. Battles will still be fought, of course, and presumably ground will be traded back and forth, but I expect focus to become divided in the narrative of Western nations.

The political conversation in the West will be forced to shift to domestic issues – grounded, earthly concerns- like the economy, energy, climate, and so on. For example, climate czar John Kerry recently targeted meat and agriculture as major contributors to the climate crisis, going so far as to say that seizing farmland was not off the table; suggesting that material issues (wealth, comfort, food, and so on) will take center stage during Jupiter’s year-long transit through Taurus.

The rest of the plot continues on, however, with more bloodshed, intensifying warmongering, widening geopolitical divides, and so on. And the smoldering energies of the central celestial pair of this month, Mars and Venus, keep the fires stoked and the tensions high.

May 30th, 2023
  • Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Aquarius (Exact on June 4)

    Pluto in Aquarius represents the push towards technocracy that is the latter phase of the so-called 4th industrial revolution or “The Great Reset”, if you prefer. Every time I see an aspect to Pluto these days I assume a connection with that shady underworld of globalist elites (watch my 3-part series on this topic, “Hades In Aquarius”).

    The US Sibley chart has Cancer in the 8th house of other people’s money, which in this case would represent international finance, and also death and transformation, and the chart’s natal Sun resides in this house as well. This is no surprise as all of this Pluto in Aquarius / “Great Reset” stuff has been terrible for the US economy. De-dollarization is an increasing trend, as is hyperinflation. I’m not sure if this is when we’ll see the GOP opposition in debt-ceiling talks fold to avoid a treasury default or if this will take the form of some other destabilization of the dollar -but it will be decided in shady backroom deals, no doubt.

    How It Might Impact You: Venus / Pluto aspects trigger jealousy, secretiveness, and paranoia in relationships. Apply this to your situation by seeing which house Venus currently occupies in your chart. Watch out for dominating, abusive, or narcissistic people and just steer clear if possible.
  • Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus

    Only Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and the North Node are in Taurus when Mercury conjuncts Uranus on the 30th. Innovations and news at this time may offer a glimpse of what the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus will be like (on March 24, 2024), since Mercury has just passed between the two planets on its transit through Taurus.

    How It Might Impact You: Watch for news on the economy and financial markets, digital currencies, supply chain issues, food, farmland, etc -anything “Jupiter in Taurus” related that might pop off when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus next Spring. And, obviously, see where this takes place in your chart and watch for hints about what that could imply about the conjunction next March for you.
  • Jupiter separating from North Node

    Jupiter’s been conjunct the North Node since about the 10th of May, which ought to have expressed as a supercharged, “voracious” appetite in whatever house Taurus is in for you. It’s in my 6th house (of work, health, and routine) and I’ve been reworking my business model and changing up my routines as a result.

    The Sibley chart puts Taurus in the 6th house for the US as well, and the US government is undeniably more focused on earthy, domestic issues like borders and immigration, the economy, the debt ceiling, climate and energy, and so on. Jupiter’s conjunction with the North Node has given us a peek at our future fate in regards to these issues.

    As Jupiter separates from the North Node the amount of new news may die down a little in favor of more of the same messaging about food, energy, and so on. In general, I think the last few weeks have provided a useful forecast for the issues that will play a central role over the next 12 months.

    How It Might Impact You: Reflecting over the last two weeks, how have you noticed Jupiter’s ingress into Taurus affect you in those same areas (materiality, wealth, food, comfort, etc) and what does that suggest about the year ahead for you? Separately, how well prepared are your supply chains, food logistics, etc? How reliant are you on grocery stores and the central supply chain? If there were currency issues in the coming weeks, do you have cash on hand? On the more immediately positive side of things, this is a time of growth, so how are you taking advantage of that opportunity to grow your resources in the area of the your chart ruled by Taurus?
June 3, 2023
  • Venus In Leo Square Jupiter In Taurus (through June 11th)

    While Venus is still in opposition to Pluto in Aquarius, she also rubs up against the greater benefic (Jupiter) in a square that is likely to cause extravagance and excessive spending.

    Jupiter is in Taurus, and the 6th house of the Sibley chart, which will bring this extravagance to bear, in US politics, on domestic and logistical concerns: the food supply, the economy, the environment / climate, energy, etc. I would expect lavish spending (or at least allocation) during this time on any projects related to these issues.

    Expect more bad policy from the Federal Reserve and, most likely, the Republicans to cave to all the demands of the Democrats in order to raise the debt ceiling before a default occurs -though this may have already taken place by this point.

    How It Might Impact You: Watch your budget and avoid extravagant spending.
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius

    During a full moon the Sun and the Moon form an axis in opposing signs; in this case, the Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun is in Gemini. The Sun’s light, cast from Gemini, reflecting against the Moon is what creates the fullness we observe from our position on Earth. The Sun in Gemini represents the way we think and the Moon in idealistic Sagittarius represents our inner hopes and dreams.

    How It Might Impact You: It is a time when those dreams will be front and center in your heart and mind. Mercury will be perfecting it’s conjunction with Uranus at this time and radical ideas may present themselves in support of these dreams.
June 5, 2023
  • Venus ingresses into Leo

    This transit may send our creativity soaring or have us shouting our love from the rooftops and wearing our emotions on our sleeves but her co-presence with Mars means that our prideful, boastful egos will be running the show. And Venus’ recent opposition to Pluto (she’s barely separating at this point) may still have us projecting paranoia and our other darker impulses into our interpersonal relationships.

    Venus and Mars dance around for almost two months, in and out of a tight 5 degree bubble several times over, but always within pretty close range regardless. This entire period will be marked by the desire-fueled ambitions and frustrations of this co-presence but, importantly, this is in addition to typical Venus-in-Leo’s big creative energy and joyful, playful, performative nature. It’s just that the square with Jupiter and on-going conjunction with Mars don’t leave many opportunities for pure Venusian energy to shine through.

    Venus’ subsequent retrograde in Leo, which begins on July 23rd, suggests that this preceding period is the lead up to whatever part of your relationships need to be reconsidered and reworked during the retrograde. Again, coming off of the opposition with Pluto, we may feel paranoid, jealous, envious, etc. and could be setting ourselves up for a bad time during the retrograde if we’re not careful during the long weeks of this co-presence and the several Venus / Mars conjunctions that take place before the retrograde late next month.

    The US Sibley chart features Leo in the 9th house, which I take to represent foreign relations, and if we apply this smoldering / boiling / self-important energy to US foreign affairs we can unsurprisingly predict that the US (and the collective West) will act boldly in their greed and paranoia between now and that retrograde period in July. For now we can expect to see lots of self-aggrandizing news and warmongering in Western media.

    How It Might Impact You: The Venusian love of comfort may find too much fertile soil in the self-centeredness of Leo -and it may prove difficult to deny yourself anything you want. Excess and self-importance are all too easy to indulge in during this transit. If it weren’t for the near constant influence of Mars during this transit, this would represent the worst of Venus’ transit through Leo. As it works out, however, there’s plenty of hot Mars influence boosting this self-centered approach, so I just recommend caution around feelings of entitlement. On a more positive note, we should all enjoy more self-confidence, boldness, and creativity in whichever house where this takes place in our charts. Play, joy, and creativity (as well as self-indulgence) are what the heart desires with Venus in Leo.
June 17, 2023
  • New Moon in Gemini

    A new moon occurs when the Moon conjuncts the Sun. This month this occurs in Gemini and the Moon is hidden by the light of the Sun which, mythologically, is represented by the lunar Goddess visiting the Underworld in her various forms. This is a time when things are cleared away or incubated, like a seed sprouting in fertile soil. With the Sun and Moon in Gemini together, our thoughts will turn inward but they’ll be all over the place in mercurial Gemini.

    How It Might Impact You: It’s a good time for reflecting through the events of the last few weeks and how those experiences may affect your thinking and your plans moving forward, and preparing ourselves psychically for the hotter influences in the back half of the month.
June 19, 2023
  • Venus conjuncts Mars within 5 degrees (through July 14th)

    While Venus and Mars are close to each other for nearly all of June and July, they first come into a 5 degree bubble, to form a conjunction, on the 19th. Conjunctions cause the planets to work in tandem, enhancing each other, and we can expect the hotter side of Venus and the more sensual (magnetic) side of Mars to come to the forefront. This is an unpredictable combination, however, and it could as easily lead to an explosive fight as hot, hot sex. Still, creativity and passion will doubtlessly be energized by this transit -and that’s rarely a bad thing. This is, “can’t decide if we should fight or fuck,” energy.

    As this dance continues, I expect the war drums to intensify; this chaotic and charismatic combination intoxicating the Western world in further solidarity around the Ukraine / Russia conflict, and antagonizing other conflicts around the world, and thereby further hardening the resolve of Russia, China, and their potential allies against the West.

    How It Might Impact You: This transit has some explosive potential, but could also be really invigorating, depending on how you approach it and where it sits in your chart (and what natal aspects are in effect). Look and see what house hosts this conjunction to understand where this hot, passionate, probably impulsive, and potentially jealous energy will express in your life -and keep in mind that this transit is in effect for about a week.
June 21, 2023
  • Venus, Mars, and the Moon are all conjunct

    If the conjunction started three days before on the 19th, this is where it reaches maximum intensity, not by the tight bubble, but by the fact that the Moon joins Venus and Mars in conjunction in the 11th lunar mansion, Al Zubrah, in Leo on the 21st of June. Zubrah is all about receiving glory from people in high places, which complements this configuration with some positive potential. This configuration begins around 9:30 PM EST and, at this time, the Moon is also sextile Mercury and there are no other negative aspects active in the sky between the traditional planets. Both Mars and the Moon are square Uranus, so this may add a bit of unpredictability to the experience but, otherwise, this is supercharged creative / productive energy.

    Internationally, this intensity will probably take the form of the US / NATO scoring some kind of positive international attention -or at least positive among friendly nations- but probably very exacerbatory to the overall conflict. This is likely to be a significant moment, not so much in terms of military gains but, more likely, wins on the PR battlefront.

    It would be apropos for the long-awaited, much anticipated Ukranian counteroffensive to finally begin, or to score a newsworthy victory at this time, under the influence of this particularly prideful moment in space weather.

    How It Might Impact You: It REALLY depends on which house this lands in for you…In your first house, this could be awesome, with lots of energizing potential. If it’s in your 8th or 12th house, though, that’s probably not going to be any fun. This energy runs very hot so the key will be channeling it somewhere creative, productive, sensual, or fun -and that’s going to be easier or more challenging depending on which house the conjunction occupies in your chart.
  • Venus and Mars square Uranus

    At this point you’re either riding high on wild, creative energy or, more likely, getting worn out by the rollercoaster of friction from Venus’ teasing dance with Mars. Uranian energy adds chaos and sudden, unexpected change to the already combustible union of Aphrodite and Ares. In global politics, there’s a good chance for unpredictable events and sudden tensions between partners and allies with cracks forming (or widening) in relationships around military alliances. The Moon is just coming off an opposition with Saturn as well and this can cause ill feelings and bad vibes, so adjust your perceptions accordingly.

    How It Might Impact You: Watch your mouth, let cooler heads prevail, expect the unexpected, etc.

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