Ep. 4: The Great Escape Pt. 2

Complete the journey we started in Part 1, exploring how to escape from mainstream society, from a magical perspective.

In the Part 2 of The Great Escape, I complete the story I began in the last episode, talking about the migration of Westerners out of the cities, or, in some cases, their countries, to build a life that’s closer to nature and, at least partially, insulated from the insanities of modern life -and what it’s been like for my wife and I to begin our own version of this adventure.

In Part 1 I introduced the idea of this migratory event and talked about some of the reasons that motivated my family to abandon our life in the US to create a homestead in the Yucatán, Peninsula of Mexico. Then I broke the escape process (otherwise known as “exit and build”) into 8 stages, from having the dream in the first place all the way to having a successful homestead and looking forward at retirement.

I covered the first four stages of this process in Part 1 and we’ll pick up where we left off in The Great Escape, Pt. 2, and discuss the remaining 4 stages, and conclude with a summary of the entire process and the key takeaways from each stage, from both episodes.

And, of course, I share more stories from our experiences finding land, building a home on it, and looking forward to growing, and expanding our plans in the future while recounting and pondering on new magic to work in support of our efforts.

If you’re considering your own adventure out of the cities; if you’re looking for greater autonomy, liberty, and a way of life in alignment with your values; you are participating in The Great Escape as well. And, while the road that lies ahead is foreign to us and feels very overwhelming, you certainly aren’t alone and you can draw on the experience and support of others who just started their journey a little earlier.

By getting a glimpse into our magical adventure into the jungle, I hope that you feel inspired to chase your dreams and take back your autonomy, and realize that while, yes, it’s very challenging to go your own way, it’s the kind of challenge that makes you a better, more fulfilled person, if you can rise to the occasion.

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