Ep. 13: Tending Your Dreams

Big magic can take a long time to manifest, so how do we stay focused and positive and avoid the dreaded lust for results?

Something we don’t discuss often in magical circles is how long it can take for your magic to work -and how important it is to continue your positive intentions while it does. Self-doubt, over-analysis, and obsession with results can counteract your magical workings, never giving them the time to come to fruition.

In my own experience following my dreams -and spirit guides- moving my family from the US to Mexico to pursue a grand vision and a new purpose in the beautiful Riviera Maya, there have been ups and downs, good days and bad days, and the road has had many unexpected twists and turns.

Our journey has been undeniably magical, and this helps to reinforce our confidence and our faith, but nevertheless, we’re tested, we encounter roadblocks, and things do not always seem like they’re moving in a positive direction.

We’ve learned to expect sluggish progress and to appreciate the value of patience which, sometimes, is really the only way forward. Sometimes time is the most important factor in your dreams coming true and patience is the only way to get what you want.

Small goals typically only require shifting reality in small ways to achieve. Big goals, your life’s purpose, etc…these kind of ambitious plans require much larger reality shifts. These larger movements play out over longer spans of time and that’s just something we have to anticipate when making big asks of the universe.

It’s essential to be able to wait patiently, in a state of positive anticipation -but without worrying about the details. And this isn’t easy…

In this episode I’m going to share stories from my experiences learning how to manage my expectations and to keep the faith while our passion project slogs through challenges, delays, and constant refinement. I’ll also share with you the ideal framework of mind for manifesting your intentions, my most effective strategies for staying positive, and a variety of techniques to put it all into action.

Dreaming big is hard work but making those dreams come true is more a test of endurance, focus, and willpower than effort. Getting that mix right takes some practice but you’ll have plenty of time -believe me.

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