Ep. 15: Sanctuary In Paradise

Take a walk with me through our future homestead and spiritual sanctuary in the Yucatán jungle.

Continuing the theme from the last episode and catching everyone up on our progress on our grand adventure in the Yucatán jungle, this episode charts the course ahead of us. In Episode 14: Fern Gully Magic, I shared the story of how we came to be living and building a home and tropical homestead in the Mexican Caribbean. Now, dream with me a little as I share details of phase 2 of our journey, moving beyond simply being in paradise to what we’ll actually be doing while we’re here.

Over the last 2 years while we’ve been living here in Mexico we’ve been working, gradually, towards acquiring land and preparing to build our home on it. So I’ll share some updates on our progress and many exciting details about our construction project, our designs for the rest of the property, and our plans to turn our land into a center for spiritual healing and transformation.

Take a walk with me through our future homestead, from floorplans to gardens to plant and animal allyship, living altars, spirit houses, bungalows, an orchard, and more. See the future through our eyes and celebrate our progress with us.

And learn about how we came to find our purpose here, building a spiritual sanctuary in the jungle, with gentle nudges from spirit and lots of dreaming and brainstorming. How it’s a little scary to know what’s expected of us but also very exciting to finally have a clearer idea of what lies ahead.

Finally, we’ll discuss some of the magic that’s gotten us here and how our approach to magic has shifted as we’ve honed our methods and focused our energies -and our practices- in new directions. 

Join me for a tale of two weirdos trying to create the better world that we know is possible, day by day, one step at a time -and with the spirits as our guide.

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