Ep. 7: Resurrection As Praxis

Fear drives modern humans to tragic extremes because we’ve forgotten the ancient rites of renewal that maintain coherence.

Western culture is has unhealthy fear of, and obsession with, death. And it leads us to try to control the universe through man-made inventions like technology, policy, law, and so on, that can’t help but fall short. When they do, it causes harm and suffering, among less privileged people and the natural world. But if we look at this behavior through “shaman eyes”, it’s obvious our attempts to dominate and control are just cries for help as our social unconscious attempts to process centuries of generational trauma.

It comes from a materialist worldview; one where life is impossible and fleeting and terribly dangerous. This kind of fear-driven thinking leads us to mandate extreme anti-life measures in the name of collective safety and progress. In the last few years this fear was weaponized to create unprecedented compliance with obvious bio-tyranny, total surveillance, and ideological oppression.

This demiurgic mind-virus, the Wetiko, takes root in our collective fear of mortality but we can inoculate ourselves against it by reconstructing ancient rites of renewal, trips through the Underworld, which refresh our life force and that of the Earth around us -and give us the authority to walk upon the Earth as gods.

In this episode I make the case that the West’s collective fear of death drives us to objectively insane extremes, attempting to control the world around us, and that this causes untold harm to ourselves, the Earth, and the cosmos. And I attempt to reconstruct ancient rites of renewal which allowed humanity to exist in prosperous equilibrium with the world for tens of thousands of years (and potentially much, much longer) through the magic of resurrection.

Dusting off ancient wisdom like The Pyramid Texts, through the eyes of modern historians and occultists, like Dr. Jeremy Naydler and show favorite Gordon White, we’ll examine the Egyptian myths of Osiris and his son Horus. And we’ll explore parallels in South American cosmologies is search of the broader interpretations of these ideas -and inspiration for creating our own practical rituals.

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