Q2 Lunar Mansion Guide

All the viable lunar mansion elections in Q2 2024, across the globe, in 4 time zones: PST, EST, CET and AET

I apologize for the horrendously late nature of this guide but rest assured that you have missed nothing. There were zero, nada lunar mansion elections that were viable during the month of April, 2024.

Oh well, at least you didn’t miss anything important.

May and June have more to offer us though with a least a few decent elections in each time zone. I usually feel like CET gets shorted in this guide because I always seem to find more elections in the Americas or the Pacific but not this quarter. CET is stacked. Kudos to the Europeans…

But there’s a little something for everyone, everywhere, and most of us get opportunities to work magic for removing anger and bringing people together, for love and friendship, prosperity, healing, increasing merchandise and harvests, and even a little destruction, if needed.

A special thanks goes out to Will Mannard this month for giving me access to the software he’s developing to find lunar mansion elections automatically, using Warnock’s methods and a few of my own –really cool stuff.

Thanks Will!

And, as always, don’t forget to relocate the elections in this guide to your specific location on Earth. I cover the method again in the video but the process only takes a few steps:

  • Open Astro-Seek.com or some other astro software or app
  • Create a new “birth chart” with the start time of the election in the nearest time zone.
  • Move the time forward or backward until the Moon is 5 degrees from the AC / MC
  • Make sure all the aspects listed in the guide are approaching (or enough are)
  • Make sure there are no negative aspects to the Moon or the ruler of the Moon
  • Make sure neither the Moon or her ruler is cadent (in houses 3, 6, 9, or 12)

If all of this is true then you can use the election in your location and you also know the exact window of the election:

It starts when the Moon is 5 degrees from the AC / MC (in the same sign).

And it ends when the Moon is separating from the AC/MC or becomes cadent, etc.

I hope you find something in the video this quarter that inspires you to do more lunar mansion magic. Enjoy!

Table of Contents:

00:54 Intro
01:24 Relocating Elections
03:44 PST
07:25 EST
11:14 CET
17:34 AET


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