Q1 2024 Lunar Mansion Guide

Happy New Year, here’s a post-holiday gift from me to you, to celebrate a new year with new challenges to overcome and adventures to experience: the “monthly” lunar mansion guide is now the Quarterly Lunar Mansion Guide!

This is a big deal for a number of reasons. First, because it took me a really, really long time to make this. 😉 And, secondly, because having 3 months worth of lunar mansion elections all at once gives you a lot more time to plan. It also means you know when there’s an even better election just around the corner, if you can afford to wait another month or two. So that’s three pretty great reasons to be excited about this change.

Finally -and this is a big one- this is a big deal because, as I will be discussing in the next episode of The Postmugglism Podcast, it’s much easier to coordinate group lunar mansion rituals when you have more lead time, and a resource like my Lunar Mansion Guide, already full of all the viable elections in time zones around the world.

As always, this magnificent beast of a project remains a free resource, aimed at making lunar mansion magic more accessible to a wider audience. If you benefit from this work, and can afford a $5 / month paid subscription to my Substack, or even just to “Buy Me A Coffee”, it goes a long way to helping me keep this project going. Thanks!

We have lots of great lunar mansion elections this quarter, including a really great 3rd lunar mansion election, elections for prosperity, healing of various sorts, causing trouble of various sorts, creating love and friendship and attracting allies, luck with hunting, victory in conquest, fame and glory, the favor of people in high places, and much, much more!

The format has changed a little this month. Since the video is quite long, I have removed a lot of the lore, mythology, history, and details from the Picatrix, that have been a part of this video series to date. Bear with me though, I am publishing short videos on each lunar mansion that will contain many of these details for your reference.

And, of course, I recommend everyone get a copy of Warnock and Greer’s translation of the Picatrix, which is linked below.

Please don’t hestitate to reach out to me with questions about these elections, lunar mansions, or magic in general, as @postmugglim on X, or by email. Enjoy this new, much improved guide, and, I hope, many blessings in the new year!


Q1 2024 Lunar Mansion Guide: A Google Slides presentation

The Picatrix: Liber Atratus Edition (Warnock & Greer)

Where The Moon Rests: My quickstart guide to lunar mansion magic

How To Perform A Lunar Mansion Ritual: A short video guide

How To Relocate A Lunar Mansion Election: A clip from March 2023

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