November 2023 Lunar Mansion Guide

All the best elections for creating lunar mansion talismans in November in four timezones around the world: PST, EST, CET, and AET.

November’s lunar mansion elections complement the aggressive martial energy that is so obviously present in the world right now. With conflicts popping off across the globe, I suppose it’s fitting that this month be filled to the brim with opportunities to make talismans for victory and creating allies.

There’s ALMOST nothing else going on this month, except for a nasty malefic election in AET and a couple of decent benefic elections in PST and EST -but, really, this month is all about seizing the opportunity for winning through aggressive energy.

Alternatively, each of those victory elections can also be used to drive away pests and this actually aligns perfectly with the waning Moon that’s present in all of those elections -plus with the multiple elections in this mansion you could easily make talismans for both victory and pest control. Why not both?

Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction
03:52 November Overview
05:41 PST Elections
08:45 EST Elections
12:07 CET Elections
13:50 AET Elections
17:13 Conclusion

Resources for November 2023

November 2023 Lunar Mansion Guide presentation

My Election Notes

Guide To Lunar Mansion Magic (quick reference)

How To Perform A Lunar Mansion Ritual:

How To Relocate A Lunar Mansion Election:

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