May 2023 Lunar Mansion Guide

Featuring the best elections for creating lunar mansion talismans this month in four timezones: PST, EST, CET, and AET.

May is another challenging month for lunar mansion elections, with Mars in its Fall and a series of unfortunate squares in play. Still this month’s elections include opportunities to create talismans for victory, love and attraction, prosperity, friendship and good will, and more, so there are still good opportunities to work lunar magic in May.

Table of Contents

0:00 Intro
01:53 PST Elections
06:20 EST Elections
10:12 CET Elections
14:35 AET Elections
17:19 Conclusion

Resources for May 2023

May 2023 Lunar Mansion Guide presentation

My Election Notes:

Guide To Lunar Mansion Magic (quick reference)

How To Perform A Lunar Mansion Ritual

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