May 2022 Lunar Mansion Magic Guide

All the best lunar mansion elections in May, 2022 in PST, EST, CET and AET time zones

May has a great selection of lunar mansion elections and I have all the details right here in the May 2022 Lunar Mansion Magic Guide. I even got it done on time this month. My favorite elections from this include the 5th (favor from authorities), 8th (victory), 10th (vitality), and 24th (prosperity) lunar mansions. Additionally this month I dive into the lore and history of the 5th and 10th lunar mansions as a bonus.

Table of contents:

00:00 Introduction
02:49 PST Time Zone
06:12 EST Time Zone
08:39 CET Time Zone
11:55 AET Time Zone
15:19 Bonus: Mansion Lore

Resources for May 2022:

May 2022 Mansion Magic Guide presentation:
My Election Notes:

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