June 2022 Lunar Mansion Magic Guide

All the talisman-worthy lunar mansion elections in June 2022 in PST, EST, CET, and AET time zones…

June is full of really good lunar mansion elections and this month’s video features elections in 13 different mansions. In the interests of delivering more value in this series, I changed the format of the video significantly this month. I’m excited to hear what you think!

This month’s elections include opportunities to create talismans for favor from authority, victory, prosperity, attraction, healing, and more. And this month I changed the format to provide even more mansion lore and practical tips for working their magic.

Table of Contents:

00:00 Introduction
02:54 10th Mansion: Al Jabhah (Healing, Favor, Prominence)
04:33 11th Mansion: Al Zubrah (Victory, Prosperity, Travel)
05:17 13th Mansion: Al Awwa (Arousal, Potency, Growth)
07:02 15th Mansion: Al Ghafr (Make Friends, Find Treasures)
08:09 16th Mansion: Al Jubana (Prosperity, Harming Competition)
09:13 19th Mansion: Al Shaula (Menstruation, Childbirth, Destruction)
11:15 20th Mansion: Al Na’am (Hunting, Finding, Commanding)
12:23 24th Mansion: Al Sa’d Al Su’ud (Prosperity, Good Will)
13:21 1st Mansion: Al Sharatain (Beginnings, Journeys, Conflict)
15:12 4th Mansion: Al Dabaran (Destruction, Pest Control)
16:03 5th Mansion: Al Hakah (Favor, Learning, Dreams)
17:31 6th Mansion: Al Hana (Love, Friendship, Vengeance)
19:12 7th Mansion: Al Dhira (Good Things, Friends, Favor)
21:36 Resources (Links)
22:07 Conclusion

Resources for June 2022:

June 2022 Mansion Magic Guide presentation: https://bit.ly/june2022mansionguide My Election Notes: https://bit.ly/june2022mansionnotes

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