July 2023 Lunar Mansion Guide

Featuring the best elections for creating lunar mansion talismans this month in four timezones: PST, EST, CET, and AET

This month’s elections include opportunities to create talismans for prosperity and good things, love and friendship, healing and self-love, revenge, and victory…

Also, at the beginning of the video I share stories about two of the best lunar mansion talismans elections of the year and the talismans we made during them, to give little insight into how my wife and I use the elections I find each month in our own practice.

The best of this month’s elections, in my opinion, is the 3rd lunar mansion election shared by all the time zones. This is the first decent Al Thuraya election since the one in March that was so so good. We’ll be consecrating a few talismans that we engraved in March and have just had wrapped as pendants and working our magic on some upcoming projects.

How about you? What “good things” are you going to do with Al Thuraya this month? Share your lunar mansion stories with me on Twitter where I’m at @postmugglism.

Table of Contents:

00:00 Preview
00:49 Looking Back At Past Talismans
04:57 Introduction
06:28 PST Elections
10:51 EST Elections
16:07 CET Elections
22:37 AET Elections
27:11 Conclusion

Resources for July 2023

July 2023 Lunar Mansion Guide presentation

My Election Notes For July 2023

Guide To Lunar Mansion Magic (quick reference)

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