Healing Doesn’t Mean Going Back

Healing doesn’t mean going back to the way things used to be. It’s a call to become a better version of yourself.

When you first fall seriously, or chronically, ill one of the most common misconceptions you tend to have at first is that the way you were before, whatever you think of as “normal”, was healthy. You most likely think this because there was nothing obviously wrong with you back then but it was that old life that lead you to this moment of crisis, so should you even want to get it back?

Unless something is wrong enough that your symptoms become unendurable, you (like everyone else) will tend to ignore what your body is trying to tell you. The reality is that the state we exist in almost all the time is very, very unhealthy. When things finally get bad enough that you’re motivated to take healing seriously, the reason is almost always, tragically, that you “just want to go back to the way things were”; but this is just not how things work, unfortunately.

Healing is a journey precisely because you depart one state (and often one period of life) to go on a long winding path that eventually leads you somewhere entirely new. Once “fully” healed, if that’s even a thing, we can never go back; not really.

A healing journey always carries with it important lessons to be learned, and energies which must be processed, to complete the journey. This sounds terribly unfair to anyone who’s in a bad way, and that’s natural. It’s asking too much for anyone to appreciate the role they’re playing in the great cosmic narrative when they’re currently (or constantly) dealing with pain and discomfort. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that your suffering is always bigger than you in that moment. It’s part of your story, and part of the greater cosmic story beyond that. Events took place, choices were made -things happened- to lead up to this point and whatever happens on your healing journey will change you, and therefore the story of the world, forever.

While you can expect to solve problems and feel better as you make progress on this journey, it’s essential to understand that the path is anything but straight and often doubles back on itself.  Perseverance and faith are essential if you’re going to stay the course long enough to see results.

Progress on a healing journey is made slowly, step by step, by solving one small mystery after another until one day you finally reach a critical mass of improvements and the results are suddenly worth the effort. That payoff though, rarely comes easily.

It’s precisely because of all these lessons we’re learning that the process is complicated. In any health journey there are physical, mental, spiritual, and karmic aspects of the problem which will have to be addressed (or endured) one way or the other.

And lessons is perhaps an unfortunate word choice, but I’m not sure there is a better one. The lessons aren’t learned like you would learn not to touch a hot stove or not to speak up in class. Some of the lessons are physical, like your body learning that it can’t eat certain foods any longer, etc. Some of the lessons though are spiritual in nature -they are learned by the spirit more than the mind. Of course, the mind may have some comprehension of what’s taking place (what’s being experienced) but won’t be able to grasp the full nature of it because those effects are not mental in nature. 

For example, part of my own journey has been to learn how to move through life without being driven by the fear of scarcity. This served me well enough by making me hungry and ambitious early in life but that story ran its course years ago and I’d been running on empty for years by the time I realized I’d created a health issue.

It’s all well and good to say to myself in my mind, that I should not worry so much about the future, that it’s bad for me, etc. but it doesn’t do much to actually quiet those thoughts or the fears behind them. There was energy from years of stored experiences from when I was white knuckling my way through life as a young entrepreneur, and even before that, as a kid always hearing my mother tell me how we didn’t have the money for this or that because we were a single-income family, as if that was a poverty-level existence.

Healing wasn’t possible until I could understand -until my body and my spirit could understand- that the way I was living (stressed out, overworked, overly driven and ambitious, etc) was just not going to work for me in this life. That was the momentum of past life experiences and not actually what I’m about in this incarnation, and trying to force that life on myself was doing a lot of damage.

Yes, I made a lot of dietary changes and changed even more habits but most of all I look at life very differently now on a spiritual level and prioritize my actions according to a set of values far more in alignment with my purpose and fate. This, really, is where the healing has come from -this and the spirits by whom I am empowered to heal others. 

The journey isn’t straightforward because dis-ease in the body is rarely the result of a single factor and the whole knot of problems, reactions, and complications, has to be untangled slowly and deliberately. Each breakthrough on a health journey leads to another struggle. Each adjustment you make works for a time and then your problem evolves and your journey goes down another winding path of self-discovery, experimentation, and integration. Slowly, over time, you begin to make progress..

In my case, I first had to fix my diet through an elimination approach, eating only meat for a time and then adding back other foods while testing my tolerance. Then my results plateaued and I had no progress until I discovered my knack for shamanic energy medicine. For over a year my energy work continued rigorously, hunting and healing all kinds of trauma, self-limiting beliefs, and karmic patterns and then eventually that plateaued as well and I had to discover herbal and natural remedies which cleansed and stimulated the liver to continue to improve my situation. After months of that regimen, the next boost was raw liver, and the journey continues…

This journey has taken me down many paths but none of them lead back to the old bad habits, mistakes and toxic situations that got me in this situation in the first place. If I allow myself to slide back into old patterns my body will immediately take several steps backwards on the journey and, after a while, I learned that it just wasn’t worth it.

Healing is an evolutionary process. A health journey is a call to change your life and to become a better version of yourself.

I stopped drinking completely (compared to a daily habit a few years ago). I’ve trimmed fat, added muscle, gained energy, and learned to avoid stress and how to process negative energy in new and healthier ways. The net effects have been entirely beneficial but I don’t think I would have ever made them without the motivation a health crisis provided -and this tends to be the way with people.

Beyond enduring the pain of a healing process, there’s also typically a toll required for this kind of journey; a kind of payment in reciprocity for receiving healing. Whether it’s a call to heal others, to share your experiences, to offer perspective to someone desperately in need, or some other manifestation, this tends to be part of how more challenging journeys find resolution.

The lessons you learn on a healing journey, along with the many changes they imply, the ways you evolve, and how you’re called to give back, all force you to evolve from who you used to be to the person you are now.  And though you can probably afford a cheat day in your diet occasionally, you’ll never go back to the way things were before this journey began – and that’s a good thing.

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