Hades In Aquarius Pt. 3

The final episode of this 3-part series on Pluto in Aquarius tells how a new technocratic elite will rise from the ashes of the West.

The final installment of the three part series, “Hades in Aquarius,” digs into the darkest issues of the 20+ year transit of Pluto through Aquarius, how the state weaponizes our best intentions to turn us against each other, how they are seeking to control our bodies and minds, and how all of this technocracy in the West is just a desperate attempt to cling to power long enough to achieve their terrifying transhumanist ideals.

If you haven’t listened to the previous 2 episodes already, Hades In Aquarius,” andHades In Aquarius, Pt. 2, I highly recommend do you so before tuning in this episode.

Pluto in Aquarius picks up the threads of its time in Capricorn; the wealth transfers, government lockdowns, bio-authoritarianism, and so on; and weaves them into the fabric of the digital realm with digital IDs, health passports, carbon tracking, social credit systems, and bio-data harvesting.

The end goal is domination of the world, and eventually the cosmos, through scientific dominance and transhumanism -and along the way our would-be overlords plan to genetically-engineer us into a compliant workforce using the remarkable powers they’ve given themselves over the last few years while the general population has been distracted by culture wars and manufactured crisis.

The way forward is not scientific dogma or political intolerance -the solution isn’t reductive, which is why our broken, mechanical, materialistic society can’t seem to find it. Surviving and thriving in this transformative time will require embracing life, nourishing spirit, and bringing people together -instead of driving them apart.

But to do so means leaving the fold, opting out, and going your own way while mainstream society is doing its very best to box you in, limit your options, and enforce the will of the 1% upon you. And there’s not that much we can do about it, in a mundane sense. The old tools of dissent like protesting and journalism have been corrupted by the state and activism in general is endangered by the introduction of social credit systems and CBDCs. Censorship and propaganda are wielded with a strong hand and so freedom is very much up against the ropes.

It’s time for a different approach -a new strategy. And it’s time to face the karmic lessons that all this technocracy represents. The West has abused science, technology, and economics for generations to establish and maintain dominance in the world; as this dominance crumbles we will be forced to reckon with the sins of our past.

Belief in the natural world, and hope for ourselves, has to carry us through the next 20ish years of technocratic totalitarianism but the more we lean into life and out of the system, the more we will find new (and very old) ways of flourishing again.

Tune for the big finish of this provocative and revealing exploration of one of the most impactful transits of the modern age -one we’re definitely going to feel in the West- and one that has the potential to chart the course of humanity’s evolution far into the future. Hide your kids, hide your wife, and put on your tinfoil hat for “Hades In Aquarius, Pt. 3”.

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