February 2023 Lunar Mansion Guide

All the viable lunar mansion elections in February across four time zones (PST, EST, CET, and AET)…

It’s a very good month for lunar mansions! This month’s elections include opportunities to create talismans for prosperity, friendship, attracting good things, sowing discord, healing, interfering with authorities (and gaining their favor) and more!

Table of Contents:

00:48 Overview
05:49 7th Mansion: Dhira (All Good Things)
07:38 8th Mansion: Nathrah (Victory)
08:52 10th Mansion: Jabhah (Healing / Vitality / Love)
09:50 12th Mansion: Sarfah (Increase / Favor)
11:31 14th Mansion: Simak (Healing / Love)
12:37 15th Mansion: Al Ghafr
13:33 16th Mansion: Zubana (Profit / Prosperity)
14:55 21st Mansion: Baldah (Endings / Destruction)
16:43 22nd Mansion: Sa’d Al Dhabih (Binding Tongues / Sowing Discord)
18:13 24th Mansion: Sa’d Al Su’ud (Preventing Officials From Their Duties)
19:37 28th Mansion: Batn Al Hut (Propserity / Abundance)
21:10 2nd Mansion: Butain (Reconciliation / Finding Treasure)
22:44 Conclusion

Resources for February 2023:

February 2023 Lunar Mansion Guide presentation: https://bit.ly/feb23lmg

My Election Notes: https://bit.ly/feb23mansionnotes

Guide To Lunar Mansion Magic (quick reference): https://www.postmugglism.com/where-the-moon-rests

How To Perform A Lunar Mansion Ritual:

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