Ep. 24: Cleansing The Spirit

Explore spiritual cleansing and protection traditions from two unique cunning craft currents: Curanderismo and Hoodoo.

The world is just full of negative energy these days, toxins in our environment, ideological sectarianism, and a sensationalized 24/7 news cycle that pumps us full of fear and anxiety in near-constant assault on our psyches. Energetic cleansing and protection has never been more important at any point in our lifetimes. Just getting through the day without picking up someone else’s bad vibes or the creeping dread of a nihilistic society is harder than ever before.

Negative energy affects the body in many ways; including making us physically ill and robbing us of our good fortunes and the pleasantness of life. To combat the negative energetic influences so prevalent in our environment we’re best served by a variety of effective magical countermeasures. Sadly, the western esoteric system of grimoires and celestial magic has not prioritized this essential branch of magical study and most Western magicians don’t even have a regular cleansing practice.

To fill in the gaps in the modern magical practice, I’ve tapped two different books about cleansing and protection from two different magical systems, Curanderismo and Hoodoo -plus my own training and experience as an energetic healer- to gain a broad sample of relevant practices in the greater Americas.

Tune in to this episode for a deep dive into the many spells, rites, and traditions of Curanderismo and Hoodoo, comparing and contrasting these two excellent sources for inspiration on how to construct a regular energetic practice of our own.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Erika Buenaflor, “Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo: Limpias Espirituales Of Ancient Mesoamerican Shamans,” (2018) Bear & Company

Miss Aida, “Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic: Banish Negative Energy and Ward Off Unpleasant People,” (2020) Weiser Books

Claude Lecouteux, “The Tradition of Household Spirits: Ancestral Lore and Practices,” (2013) Inner Traditions

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