Ep. 22: The Enchanted Home

In ancient times, every part of a house was considered magical. Join me as we reconstruct ancient practices to re-haunt our homes.

The home is a very magical place and its energies attract all kinds of spirits (for good or ill) with all the many different aspects of life that take place in the home. The home is sacred, in that it makes you feel safe; your place of sanctuary. In an animist framework of mind, the home is also alive and aware, or at least the spirits that inhabit it are. And so the spirit of your home should be an ally and a guardian; and to have issues with this spirit is the last thing you want.

It’s easy to run afoul of the spirit world from our modern context, simply by deciding to put a structure in the wrong place, or failing to pay tribute to the land spirits. And while making amends is usually easy enough, correctly identifying and interpreting the problem is not -unless you’ve already established a relationship with your local spirits.

These sorts of household magical traditions don’t really exist in modern Western cultures anymore and so we’re left to reconstruct our own practices from bits and pieces of ancient spells and practices.

Fortunately for us, author and historian, Claude Lecouteux, has done a great deal of research on this subject and written a series of books; two of which inform this episode’s exploration into household spirits: Demons and Spirits of the Land and Traditions Of Household Spirits: Ancestral Lore and Practice.

In this episode we attempt to piece together an authentic, living practice around the appeasement and engagement of household spirits and discuss some of my own experiences (for better or worse) with spirits of place as we remodeled and sold our old house and moved to the Riviera Maya to build a homestead and spiritual healing center in the jungle.

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Lecouteux, Claude, “Demons and Spirits of the Land: Ancestral Lore and Practices,” (2015) Inner Traditions

Lecouteux, Claude, “Traditions of Household Spirits: Ancestral Lore and Practices,” (2013) Inner Traditions

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