Ep. 21: Enter The Dragon: Aries & Libra

In July, the lunar nodes changed signs, reorienting our fates towards new energies. Find out what this means for the world and for yourself!

All of astrology talks about fate and destiny but there are two characters in the story of the zodiac which rule matters of Fate more than the rest -and they’re not even planets. Instead, the lunar nodes -North and South- are two points, or “nodes”, on either side of the globe which represent the places where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic. These two nodes are represented in astrology as a serpent, divided into two parts, which winds around the earth. The North Node, or Rahu, is this serpent’s head, and is said to be hungry and obsessive and relate to fate and destiny. The South Node, or Ketu, is its tail, and is said to process karma and purge energy to maintain balance.

The effect of these forces in the fate of the world, and in each of our lives, can be predicted thanks to astrology, and we can anticipate these changes and adapt accordingly. Nothing will prevent the nodes from working their (often unpleasant) magic on you but the transits of the lunar nodes, and the eclipses that come with them, map the phases and critical turning points of our lives so that we can navigate their powerful currents without being swept away.

In July of 2023, the lunar nodes entered new signs: Aries and Libra (north and south, respectively). In this episode I take a deep dive into the new nodal axis: how it has manifested again and again in my own life, what this transit means for the world, and how it may feel for everyone else, according to their rising signs.

Following the transits of the lunar nodes can help you understand where you’re going, what you’re running from, and how to balance those energies to make the most out of their evolutionary effects.

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Lunatic Astrology video about the Aries / Libra nodal transit and Chiron

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