Ep. 19: The Light Of Life

Discover the healing power of the Sun, through millennia of history, mythology, astrology, medicine, and magic.

We were worshipping the Sun long before we were building, taming, or conquering. Long before we knew anything else, we’d figured out that the Sun is divine, it is the source of all life on this planet, and a magical source of healing and renewal. Somehow along the way to modernity though, we’ve forgotten this simple truth, and now the Sun is feared and we’re doing everything we can to disconnect from our greatest source of life and energy.

The Sun has always been associated with health and healing and exposure to the Sun has been used for literally thousands of years to heal all kinds of injuries, illnesses, and disease. And lack of exposure to sunlight bears greater health risks than we have been led to believe.

Living in modern, urban environments virtually guarantees that you are light-starved and vitamin D deficient; which greatly increases the chances you will suffer with preventable diseases. Seasonal respiratory diseases, seasonal affective disorder, and many other illnesses are directly tied to lack of exposure to natural light.

In this episode I look back in history to understand how humanity has understood the Sun in the past, how humans from prehistory to relatively recent times have prioritized exposure to sunlight for boosting health and curing wounds and disease. I’ll examine archetypal frameworks for understanding solar energy like mythology, astrology, and energetics. And I’ll detail some of my favorite ways of working with the Sun magically and as an ally in healing.

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