Ep. 17: The Religion Of Science Pt. 2

Discover the greatest grift of our time, the co-opting of science to force the will of a dangerous techno-religious cult upon the world.

Where Part 1 of this series was dedicated to the replication crisis and the corruption of science for profit and power, Part 2 will explore how the true believers of a new religion have co-opted scientific and political institutions around the globe to force radical changes upon humanity and propel us towards a dark, dystopian future.

This is a wild story that begins at the end, where we’re living through this time of transition, showing the results of a half century’s worth of work by globalists, Silicon Valley, central bankers, pharmaceutical companies, billionaires, science fiction writers, and radical futurists, among others.

We’ll walk through their clever grift to see, step by step, how science has been turned into religion and how the dogma of this new religion is being enforced on us through public policy and social convention.

Then we flashback to the beginning of this emergent ideology and get to know the men and women who’ve built the demiurgic mind prison of progressive futurism, brick by brick, in the social consciousness.

The religion of science weaponizes its dogma, as religions tend to do, to consolidate power, reinforce its ideology, and suppress dissent or conflicting evidence. A new breed of holy inquisition is on the horizon so it is essential that we recognize the difference between empirical science and imperial dogma; and see its hand at work in the world.

Because with that understanding we can process what’s happening to us with total clarity, discern truth from propaganda, and adapt our ways of being and knowing the world. And that’s where we conclude Part 2 of The Religion Of Science; with my thoughts on how to navigate the dark and stormy waters ahead, how to choose a different path, and how to make choices when you’re forced to question everything.

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