Channeling Hecate: Winter Comes Before The Spring

Channeled messages from Hecate on Monday November 20, 2023 plus tarot readings to help us interpret and integrate her wisdom.

Finally, after weeks of pretty dark messages and disturbing times, we get a much more positive, hopeful message from Hecate to offer us guidance and a light at the end of the tunnel we’re in right now.

The Goddess’ message talks about the Winter ahead, literally and metaphorically, as a time for going inwards, pruning away the emotional trauma that’s weighing you down (we’re all feeling it), and making space for the promise of next year to germinate like seeds awaiting the Spring. She also hints at a Spring of radical change with new opportunities emerging as people start to finally shake off the shock of the establishment systems failing all around them and starting to come together to create new solutions -something I was very excited to hear!

To help make sense of the channeled message I followed up with two tarot readings:

  • In what areas of life should we plant seeds now so that they will sprout and grow next year?
  • What new things “sprout” in the Spring that can help us in the days ahead?
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