Channeling Hecate: Processing Grief For The Field

Channeled messages from Hecate for the week of October 22, 2023 plus tarot readings to help us interpret and integrate her wisdom.

The exhaustion you feel at this time, particularly if you’re in the minority of people trying to stay neutral and focused on peace instead of escalating violence, is the result of processing a traumatic amount of grief in the last two weeks. Even though most of us are not physically in danger from the unfolding tragedy in the Middle East, as human beings we’re connected to each other and everyone is feeling this trauma whether they realize it or not.

Despite the strong urge that we’re feeling to separate, to pull away from the horror and to do something about it, this isn’t the time. None of us can stop what is happening or even redirect the energy somewhere more positive. This, unfortunately, is the time for grieving the loss of life but it’s not yet time to address the problem (because this is a fated event with has millennia of momentum behind it).

What is left for us to do at this time is just to live on in the shadow of this tragedy, trying to bring balance to the field while helping to absorb and release the overwhelming trauma of the current moment.

Watch the full video for more guidance from Hecate about how to be in the current moment, absorbing and processing grief for the field without losing your own sense of hope in the future.

To help make sense of this message and help us put it into action this week I did tarot readings on two additional questions:

  • How do we most effectively release this grief so we can process it for the field?
  • How do we live under threat without fear?
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