Channeling Hecate: Inner Peace Yields Peace In The World

Channeled messages from Hecate for the week of October 8, 2023 plus tarot readings to help us interpret and integrate her wisdom.

My magical practice is based around Hecate and devotion to the sacred feminine and bringing more of that energy into the world. Inspired by energy updates provided by various channelers, I thought I would take the same approach to see what Hekate has to share with my audience.

Her message was a timely reminder that inner peace yields outer peace. To see more peace in the world (which we desperately need) we have to find peace within ourselves first. Like digging for gold in the mud, there’s more dirt than gold but little by little we can extract it, refine it, and put it to use.

Gold is a low resistance conductor and can handle the charged energy without becoming hot and breaking down. Likewise, with a golden inner peace forged in the fires of these violent times we can conduct ourselves in these highly charged environments to promote fairness, balance, and peace when everyone around is breaking down into violence and hatred.

In this video I do three tarot readings to follow up this channeled message from Hecate with additional questions to help us put this wisdom into practice, asking the questions:

  • How do we find inner peace with so much suffering in the world to distract us?
  • How long will it take for inner peace to become peace in the world?
  • How do we refine our inner peaceful energy so that it inspires peace in others?
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