Channeling Hecate: Extraordinary Kindness

Channeled messages from Hecate for the week of October 15, 2023 plus tarot readings to help us interpret and integrate her wisdom.

Last week was brutal and tragic due to the events unfolding in Israel and Palestine and the enormous loss of life and bloodletting that is going on. This week’s message from Hecate speaks to the growing division between people who want retribution and those who want to pacify the situation with the least loss of life and how we can navigate this ugly time with poise and grace.

In full disclosure, I also received some context about the conflict and some predictions for the future that I did not feel comfortable sharing publicly because of how emotionally-charged these topics are, so I edited out some of the original message for that reason.

However, I left all the really useful bits that explain how we can live and act for the good of everyone during these fractious times. How those of us who can avoid getting drawn into the cycle of hate and retribution are responsible for showing extraordinary kindness to inspire those who’re still stuck in it. How we’re always either adding to the light / positive or adding to the dark / negative energy in the world (and attracting more of it) and there’s already too much darkness in this moment. And that we have a responsibility to resist the horror by creating more joy in the world.

After the channeled message I did three tarot readings to help us integrate and apply this wisdom, asking these questions:

  • How do we find this extraordinary kindness within ourselves?
  • Why is it ok for us to focus on our lives and to follow our bliss even when there is tragedy happening in the world?
  • How do we live without fear at a time when there is so much scary stuff happening around us?
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