Channeling Hecate: A Bloodthirsty Egregore

Channeled messages from Hecate for the week of October 29, 2023 plus tarot readings to help us interpret and integrate her wisdom.

As the ground invasion into Gaza begins the world is divided into those watching in either horror or violent delight, further separating us from the more beautiful future we all know is possible.

And while this takes place, equally violent bloodletting is taking place all over the world, from Ukraine to Haiti to Africa and the Middle East. How is this happening? Why is this happening?

This week’s message from Hecate offers insights into the spiritual dynamics behind the rising tide of aggression that seems to be surging across the world and the karmic costs of feeding into the violence.

Though the subject matter is dark, she does provide very practical advice on how to prepare and what’s most important as we look ahead at a challenging future. While the last few weeks’ messages have been focused on supporting the field and how to process the heavy energies of unfolding events, this week’s message focuses on your own self-interest and how to set yourself up to thrive (and even flourish) in spite of the bloody, turbulent times ahead.

Then I follow up the channeled message with three tarot readings to clarify the message and help us put it into action:

How do we continue to work on our dreams during unpredictable and financially-difficult times without getting distracted?

How do we know who to build community with?

How do we live adjacent to this bloody egregore safely until it’s eventual demise?

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