Shamanic Energy Healing, Tarot & Consultations

In addition to practicing (and creating content about) magic and astrology, I am also a Shamanic energy healer, trained by the Four Winds Institute, a tarot reader, and a magical consultant of sorts.

If you’re dealing with mental or physical health issues, struggling with trauma, addiction, self-limiting beliefs, or feeling stuck and unable to move forward, the gentle, non-invasive techniques of shamanic energy healing can help support you on your healing journey.

If you need answers to important or difficult questions, tarot readings can provide helpful insights to help you chart a path forward.

If you’re a practicing magician / witch / etc and want advice or support on your magical journey you can also book time 1:1 time with me for advice and strategy on magical ritual and reaching personal goals.

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Speaking Engagements

I am also available to book for speaking engagements, podcasts, conferences, etc. as well as being open to collaborations, contributing to publications, interviews, and other ways of working with the larger spiritual community. My areas of interest include astrological / talismanic magic, shamanism, working with spirits of place, energy healing, magical history, and other facets of practical magic and esotericism.

Please reach out to me at to discuss my availability for potential appearances.