August 2023 Lunar Mansion Guide

All the talisman-worthy lunar mansion elections in four time zones around the world: PST, EST, CET, and AET.

This month’s elections include opportunities to create talismans for prosperity and good things, love and friendship, protection, victory, and more. I’m most excited about the 13th lunar mansion this month, on the 17th or 18th depending on your location, a mansion built for good fortune or getting lucky, depending on your needs. This month the Moon trines Jupiter in Taurus in this mansion, creating very fertile grounds for generation. And all four time zones get this election in August!

Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction
02:00 August Overview
03:58 PST Elections
06:59 EST Elections
10:28 CET Elections
13:21 AET Elections
17:33 Conclusion

Resources for August 2023

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