August 2022 Lunar Mansion Magic Guide

All the talisman-worthy lunar mansion elections in August 2022 in PST, EST, CET, and AET time zones…

This month I cover elections in eight different mansions, featuring several opportunities for prosperity magic, as well as elections for love, healing, destruction, favor from authorities, fame and glory, and more.

But August is a tricky month astrologically and there were very few lunar mansion elections that worked in more than one or two time zones this month. There are still good elections that can be used for making talismans and a number of “good enough” elections which are suitable for one-off magical workings (but would not be ideal for making wearable talismans) but they are not evenly distributed across time zones.

Table of Contents:

00:00 Introduction
01:16 Modernizing Lunar Mansions
02:31 16th Mansion: Al Zubana (Prosperity, Buying, Selling)
04:25 23rd Mansion: Al S’ad Al Bulah (Separation, Healing, Destruction)
06:21 24th Mansion: Al S’ad Al Su’ud (Prosperity, Increase, Safety)
08:03 28th Mansion: Al Batn Al Hut (Prosperity, Abundance, Peace)
09:50 3rd Mansion: Al Thuraya (Prosperity, Attraction, Sailing)
11:31 4th Mansion: Al Dabaran (Destruction, Discord, Harm)
12:45 7th Mansion: Al Dirah (Prosperity, Favor, Travel)
14:07 11th Mansion: Al Zubrah (Fame, Glory, Favor)
15:28 16th Mansion: Al Zubana (Prosperity, Buying, Selling)
17:02 Conclusion

Resources for August 2022:

August 2022 Mansion Magic Guide presentation:

My Election Notes:

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