April 2022 Lunar Mansion Magic Guide

All the viable lunar mansion elections in 4 timezones (EST, PST, CET, and AET)…

Apologies for the lateness, but my 40th birthday was this week and I was a little distracted. But don’t worry…all the best elections happen in the latter 2 weeks of the month.

The Lunar Mansion Magic Guide for April, 2022 features every viable time for practicing lunar mansion magic this month, including a handful of talisman-worthy elections in four timezones: EST, PST, CET, and AET.

Resources for April 2022:

April 2022 Mansion Magic Guide presentation: https://bit.ly/aprilmansionguide

My Election Notes: https://bit.ly/april2022notes

Guide To Lunar Mansion Magic (quick reference): https://www.timetogtfo.com/where-the-moon-rests

Postmugglism on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/postmugglism

Table Of Contents:

00:00 Beginning
40:13 Introduction
01:24 EST Timezone
03:22 PST Timezone
05:18 CET Timezone
06:45 AET Timezone
08:41 Closing

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