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Energy medicine, magical materia, and a spiritual healing center in the Yucatán jungle…

If you told me five years ago that I would be a trained shaman, living in the jungle, and healing people with magic, I’d have laughed in your face. Honestly, I wouldn’t have even known what to make of it…a few years ago that would have sounded impossible -highly implausible, at least.

And yet, that’s how weird life can be sometimes. A few years ago I hadn’t even experienced energy healing, let alone practiced it; let alone aided in the healing of over a hundred clients now.

I’ve dreamed about being a full-time wizard for years, of course -but I never actually thought it was possible! It took my wife and I quitting our careers, and leaving everything behind, to make space for a better life to begin to manifest. And it didn’t all come together at once by any means; instead it took almost three years of dreaming, scheming, and soul-searching, for our grand vision to come together.

My wife and I live in Puerto Morelos, a little beach town just south of Cancun in the Mexican Caribbean. It’s always beautiful here, the weather is pretty much always incredible, and, beyond the amazing beaches and turquoise waters, the vibrant Mayan jungle that covers this area is lush and thick with a colorful array of tropical life. We live in paradise and we know how lucky we are.

The public “North” Beach in Tulum, Mexico, not far from the ruins…

I’ve been dreaming of this place since visiting in my teens, hoping to escape the United States and to disappear into the jungle in some tropical paradise. I finally managed to convince my wife Sarah to consider the idea after a visit to the area in the fall of 2019.

At the same time, I was fed up with my career in Digital Marketing and felt like I was living a lie. I worked a lot of magic in 2020 to understand what I really wanted and who I was supposed to become. It took many months but the result of that magic was that I spent most of the year away from computers in my garden learning how to communicate with nature spirits. And upon visiting Mexico at the end of 2020 to research the area, I used what I had learned to make contact with the spirits of the Mayan jungle, and answer their call.

It took about 18 months to plan and execute our move and, after selling our home at the peak of the market in 2021, we were comfortably equipped to go off in search of our own little piece of paradise to build our new life upon.

Walking in the surf upon arrival in Quintana Roo, Mexico…

We moved to Quintana Roo, Mexico in July of 2021 and that’s when our adventure truly began. Since then we’ve been on a mission to acquire land, and to get ready for construction, as we are doing right now. It’s been an incredible experience, and absolutely full of magic, but the way has been anything but straightforward or clear. There have been many twists and turns and, interestingly, each adjustment we have to make reveals some new aspect of our future that we could never have imagined previously.

The most monumental of which was the addition of a business to our plans here in Mexico and on the land where we’re building our home / homestead. Our magic lead us to a property that is too large to buy as foreigners, so we were forced to create a Mexican corporation to complete the purchase. In so doing we were inspired to see the land in a new light, realizing how it could help support us financially as well as physically.

The “sacred” tree where we leave our offerings on our jungle property near Puerto Morelos, Mexico…

Concurrently, last year I decided to go through a 6-month intensive training in energy medicine from the Four Winds Institute, a well-regarded school that trains shamanic practitioners how to heal emotional trauma, assist in physical healing, and act as an ambassador to spirit on behalf of clients. I graduated in October and have been seeing clients professionally since. The addition of shamanism to my magical practice has deepened my relationship with spirit and provided me many tangible tools for bringing myself into right relationship with the land and its guardians and other inhabitants.

Taken together, the various magical experiments, life-changing experiences, and magical initiations of the last few years have provided us a glimpse of the eventual destination of our grand journey: to build sanctuary in paradise, not only for ourselves, or the flora and fauna in our gardens and habitats, but also for the spiritual healing of others. To set an example for others aspiring to live in right relationship with Nature and in harmony with spirit -and to teach what we learn on our way to achieving these goals.

This is the new dream: A homestead, tropical permaculture food forest, and spiritual healing center in the Mayan jungle, a few minutes from the Caribbean Ocean, in one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world.

We already set up the company to purchase the land, so we’ve got a name, and I just launched a new website and Instagram profile.

We call it The Sacred Serpent, in honor of the divine Mother Goddess from whom all of Nature flows and grows. For the moment, The Sacred Serpent, is just a brand, for my shamanic energy healing practice and Sarah’s growing collection of magical materia. But our plans include the construction of several buildings on our property, including a workshop for classes, as well as amenities like an outdoor kitchen and several screened bungalows for visitors.

It’s not just a dream anymore, either. We own the land. We even built a road to our property last week, so the project is officially underway. And this is very exciting, of course, but what does it mean to you -why am I telling you about this now?

Tools of the trade…the rattle and feather I use in shamanic healing sessions and my most imaginative tarot deck…

If you need to heal mental, emotional, or physical trauma…

First of all, my books are open. You can schedule a shamanic energy healing session with me using this link:

But wait, aren’t you located in Mexico?

We are, but magic works everywhere! Energy medicine is non-local, which means that I can work remotely, over Zoom and still produce the exact same effects as if you were here in-person. Most of my clients see me over Zoom.

What is shamanic energy healing “good for”?

Physical pain tends to be connected to mental/emotional/spiritual pain. It’s all really one thing. In the shamanic method we clear old “stuck” energy which you are unable to release naturally, for one reason or another, and then replace what we remove with positive intentions (aka “divine light”). It is good for all kinds of healing, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

What does this do?

The body is always trying to heal itself. This method removes energy blockages which discourage or prevent the function of the body’s natural healing capabilities. In the absence of imbalance, the body can more quickly heal itself.

What does it require?

Only your participation and lack of disbelief. It’s not even a problem if you “don’t believe” in energy healing so long as you don’t actively disbelieve. It only requires you to be receptive and open to any possibility.

What is a shamanic session like?

Typically we chat for 30 minutes or so to get acquainted and clearly identify your situation and goals. Then I ask you to lie down and focus your awareness on the issues we’ve identified while I clear out the related energetic residue.

What results can I expect?

Typically clients feel lighter and energetically “cleansed” immediately after a session but the significant results begin to manifest a few days afterwards and often weeks, or even months, into the future. Old emotional pain will fade over time, physical pains typically alleviate quickly, and often much larger revelations about yourself and your life are uncovered in the process.

Here’s a sample from my many positive testimonials:

I came to Nate for shamanic healing having just received a cancer diagnosis. Nate really listened to the story of my illness, and together we crafted the story of my healing. With my mind, body and spirit united by Nate’s practice, I was able to face my treatment with courage, grace, hope and even humor. Today I am cancer free. I’m so grateful for his work, and so pleased to recommend him to you.

Adam Wolkoff

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A small selection of talismans from Sarah’s impressive catalog…

If you want to find out more about our astrological talismans and talismanic materia…

Sarah has been building a collection of strong astrological talismans since we began producing talismanic materia regularly towards the tail end of Jupiter in Sagittarius at the end of 2019. Since then, each month we comb through the elections we can find or acquire from other astrologers and produce sets of hand-engraved gemstone talismans which Sarah works with local artisans to turn into beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

We also produce talismanic oils, candles, and other astro-magical materia; all made under suitable elections and during full Picatrix ritual. Our relationships with the divinities we invoke are regularly maintained through devotion and offerings and each piece is engraved during the window of time where the key planets are approaching the relevant aspect within 5 degrees.

The catalog is still incomplete and under construction right now, but please visit if you’d like to see Sarah’s work:

View Our Catalog Of Talismanic Materia

Works begins…the “trascabo” (backhoe) pictured here is carving our driveway out of the jungle…

If you want to follow along with our construction project and magical journey in the jungle…

Now that we’ve begun construction, there is almost always something exciting going on with our project in the jungle. We’ll be documenting it all and sharing it with you through our Instagram, for in the moment stuff. Subscribe to learn the fascinating answers to questions like “How do you build a road in the jungle?”. If nothing else…it’s guaranteed to be entertaining.

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And don’t forget…

Tomorrow you will receive another important announcement from me, about my new audio/video podcast, launching this Wednesday on all the typical podcast platforms. The Postmugglism Podcast will feature an entirely new type of content that I’ve never shared before, beyond a few outspoken tweets here and there.

It’s all about magic, but specifically the kind of magic we’re using to build the life we want and to bring ourselves into right relationship -with our land, with Nature herself, and with this crazy timeline we’re living through.

Stay tuned for more in tomorrow’s announcement!

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