Announcing: The Postmugglism Podcast

The weekly podcast that talks about magic in (post)modern times…

This, the second announcement in my series of four, is probably the biggest announcement, and is definitely the most exciting for me. I’ve been working on this idea for a really long time and I’m desperate for it to finally see the light of day.

For some time now I’ve been grieving the death of long-form blogging, and more importantly, the willingness of people to read dense blog posts. It was a good format, while it lasted, but it feels like the energy I put into text-based content is largely wasted these days -at least in the way that I’ve been doing so far.

Undeniably, podcasting is the preferred long-form content channel for today’s audience; essentially no matter what demographic they represent. I have lots of ideas to share about magic and, in particular, magic in the modern day and podcasting is the appropriate format for telling these stories and sharing my thoughts with you.

And with that, I’m officially announcing the launch of my weekly show, The Postmugglism Podcast, which will be released at 11 AM on Wednesday, just in time to help you with your hump-day procrastination.

Listen To The Postmugglism Podcast

The Postmugglism Podcast, will begin as a solo podcast, (though it will eventually feature interviews and conversations as well), that talks about magic in (post)modern times: “how to thrive in decline, how to grow in the cracks, and how to enchant your way to a better life and a more magical world.”

The show will explore the crossover between radical naturalism and and magic: magical homesteading, the custodianship of land, spirits of place, animism, right relationship; and the magic of personal sovereignty: divination, protection, prosperity, favor from authority, and so on. Ways of thinking and magical praxis for flourishing in the decline of the West and the rise of…whatever comes next.

Transformative times are rarely boring -and they’re rarely peaceful either. The world is going to go through some nasty stuff in the next few decades and how we survive and flourish in these times is up to each of us individually in a way we haven’t seen before.

I don’t know about you but I plan to flourish no matter what’s ahead. The world is a big place and just because its urban centers are turning into open-air prisons and its central food supply and pharmaceutical industry pump poisons into the population, and the governments of the West perpetuate endless unjustified wars -despite all of that- we’re going to lead healthy, wonderful, magical lives; and that’s what this podcast is about.

Four episodes are already “in the can”; the first of which is live on all the popular podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc), as well as my YouTube channel. Future episodes will be released every Wednesday, at 11 AM.

I hope you’ll join me and I appreciate your patience as I play around with different styles and develop this idea further.

Coming Up On The Postmugglism Podcast:

  1. Sometimes The Old Ways Are Best (LISTEN NOW)
    From the pinnacle of patriarchy and dominator culture we cast a look back on the feminine roots of prehistoric civilization, to better understand who we really are, and where we go from here.
  2. The Sacred Supply Chain
    The central supply chain that fuels our civilization pumps poison into our food, water, and other basic resources we depend on for survival. By taking responsibility for maintaining our own supply chains, we begin to recognize these relationships as sacred, bringing ourselves into better (less extractive) relationships with them.
  3. The Great Escape (Part 1)
    There is a mass migration of urban Westerners into rural areas and developing nations taking place. “The Great Escape,” as I call it, attracts many people, like my wife and I, to exit society and build in wild places, out of a healthy fear of a totalitarian future and the desire to live free, healthy, natural lives. In part one of this two part episode, I discuss the first four of eight stages of making your own escape from society (and the magic involved).
  4. The Great Escape (Part 2)
    In part two of The Great Escape I discuss the final four of the eight stages of “exit and build”, pursuit of health, liberty, and happiness in our crazy, postmodern world (and all the magic that goes with it). And, at the end, I summarize the key takeaways from each of the eight stages, from both episodes.
  5. The Spiritual Gift Economy
    Why do we give offerings to spirits and deities? Where does this tradition come from and what does it tell us about the nature of spirit and the cosmos? In this episode I explore this essential, and often under-appreciated, aspect of magical praxis and what more it can do for us as practicing magicians.
  6. Ambassadors With Spirit
    I share personal stories and lessons learned from my experiences making and maintaining a custodial pact with the genus loci of our land in the jungle; and relate how I’m navigating an issue that came up very recently.

How To Listen / Watch

You can listen to The Postmugglism Podcast on any of popular podcast platform, such as Apple, Spotify, etc. And you can also subscribe my YouTube channel where I will be publishing a video version of the podcast.

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