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Many of the stories that I want to tell fit most neatly into podcasts or blog posts but certain topics deserve to be seen rather than simply described. I have lots to share and sometimes, that content is better suited to a quick video than a long blog post.

In that spirit, I’m happy to announce that I will be expanding the Postmugglism YouTube channel with lots of new videos, across a couple of different categories.

So far, I’ve mostly used the channel to host my monthly lunar mansion guides; which will, of course, continue. I also made a couple of attempts to produce other videos, including this guide on “How To Perform Lunar Mansion Rituals” which I’m actually pretty proud of and recommend regularly to astro-mages working the lunar mansion system for the first time.

Several people have conveyed gratitude for this video, and the other information I share on lunar mansions, so it makes sense to produce more content like this, that distills a complex concept into a practical guide in a quick video.

Other ideas I’m considering include:

  • “How to” videos on making talismanic and other magical materia
  • Guides for astro-magical rituals
  • Practical magical techniques (road opening, protection, manifestation, etc)
  • Lunar mansion deep dives

…and more. I’m also going to be using YouTube’s new shorts feature for quick updates on our project in the jungle and other impromptu updates.

And all of this is in addition to the monthly lunar mansion guide and the video version of my weekly show, The Postmugglism Podcast.

Subscribe on YouTube to get notified when new videos are published, separately from subscribing to my email / Substack, because I will only be sharing the new informational videos on Substack and my website… the only way to hear about new Shorts is by subscribing to the Postmugglism channel on YouTube.

Thanks for watching!

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