Announcing: Better Blogging In 2023

Postmugglism has a podcast and a YouTube channel now, so why subscribe to the blog / Substack?

The era of long-form blogging is over, sadly. Perhaps it’s for the best; the chronological framework of blogs isn’t a great way to store evergreen content (articles that age slowly, if at all). Today’s multi-platform audience listens, watches, and, occasionally, reads content from the same creators; so each piece of content can be presented in the format that best suits it. If it’s visual, then a video or a blog post is ideal. If a story is being told, perhaps it’s easiest to hear in your earbuds when you can devote some time to listening to a podcast.

But it makes you wonder…what’s a blog post for then? What type of content is best suited to this text-based, chronologically-ordered format?

Well, the term blog comes from “web log”, as in a kind of journal on the web, and this actually seems pretty fitting once again. Instead of long articles, 10x content or “skyscraper” content, people are more willing to read short stories written in a simple, conversational voice.

In short, blogs are best suited to updates, journal entries, and quick thoughts or commentary. That’s where I’ll be taking this blog and the SubStack that promotes it; prioritizing the podcast and videos primarily and using these posts to keep you in the loop about new content and what’s going on with my projects as well as sharing (quick) thoughts, promoting other creators, and sharing interesting content that I find.

Every Postmugglism channel is unique and offers different content that you’ll only find on that channel; with the exception of the blog and the Substack / email newsletter which promotes all the important content (episodes, videos, etc). However, the only way to see my Shorts on YouTube or Reels on Instagram and other in-the-moment content is to subscribe / follow Postmugglism on those platforms.

There’s a lot of content and different reasons to follow me on different platforms. To make things easier, I’ve included links to all my channels and profiles below with a little explanation of what to expect from each.

Website / Substack

My Website
This is the repository for all my important content: episodes, videos, articles, updates, etc., plus timely commentary, interesting takes, and quick updates. The website will not feature Shorts, Reels, and other social media content.

Substack / Email Newsletter
Substack is just a really convenient way to run an email newsletter for free. Subscribe to my Substack to get notified whenever important content is published on any of my channels. If you subscribe to only one of my channels, make it this one.

Social Media

Postmugglism on Twitter
I’m most active on Twitter of all social media platforms and always happy to answer questions in my DMs. I promote almost everything on Twitter.

Postmugglism on Instagram
Real life, real magic, and behind-the-scenes video updates on our project in the jungle.

Other Channels

The Postmugglism Podcast Home Page
Subscribe to my weekly show, The Postmugglism Podcast, on your favorite podcast platform: Apple, Spotify, etc.

The Postmugglism YouTube Channel
Subscribe to get notified about new videos on my YouTube channel, like the monthly lunar mansion guide, how-to videos on practical magical techniques, and updates on our project in the jungle.

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