Magical Potency: 3 Ways To Make Your Spells More Powerful

Want to work more effective magic? Learn about 3 different approaches to ritual that will supercharge your spell work.

There is no “right way” to perform magical ritual. There aren’t even that many universal best practices. Magic is largely a personal, interpretive practice where the value in the actions you perform come from the intention and the metaphor you’re expressing.

What does this mean: “expressing a metaphor”?

It means that, magic isn’t an activity which directly produces results. It’s not pressing down on a lever to move something, or hacking the machine code of the universe, or anything like that. Magic is a means of communicating between beings connected as a super-organism -closer to a belonging to a neural network than being a conductor.

There is a common misconception among early practitioners that the effectiveness of magic is determined by one’s personal power. That you, as a magician, actually learn or develop unique abilities which can influence the probability that what you want to happen, happens…

But magicians don’t cast spells from their own well of power. Instead we learn how to call upon and work with the forces that “rule” or govern different aspects of reality; leveraging powers far greater than our own.

A powerful magician is simply experienced at navigating the conditions and temperaments of these powerful forces (spirits) and, by proxy, creates change in the world.

But there are tricks of the trade, so to speak, that you learn in the course of spirit business **that make this process more effective…that make magic more effective.

Working magic is a game of affecting probabilities. And in this post I’m going to show you three (very simple) ways to supercharge your spells and tip the odds in your favor.

#1 Way To Boost Your Spells: Magical Timing

After working magic for a while, it becomes obvious that there are certain times that are better for certain types of activities that others. Of course this is true in life in general, but it’s especially relevant in magical workings.

We can look at astrology to get a general understanding of time in a magical context and what power it might hold over magic.

Astrology is a record of the positions of the planets in our sky, relative to our view here from the earth. And each planet orbits on their own schedule in complex, interconnected cycles.

We tend to think of time linearly, one thing leading to the other, but the reality (at a macro-scale) it is more like time occurs again and again in cycles. And not just one big cycle but layered clockwork built of celestial machinery.

According to astrology, these interconnecting cycles touch each of us in slightly different ways, depending on our own constitution as described by our natal chart -the moment of our birth captured in the placements of the planets and stars.

It’s hard to deny that there are certain times in your life that are more fated than others; as well all have turning points in our stories that really matter. In astrology, paying attention to this timing allows you to perform your activities at the times when they are most auspicious.

In magical practice we take this a step further and time our ritual work when it is most likely to succeed. And there are a variety of systems that can be used to do this, though I find astrological timing to be the most effective by far.

Now, there’s an argument to be made that focusing too much on the conditions of the sky can discourage you from doing magic (because the sky is not often in a truly auspicious state), and fair enough. But if you just try to find the best possible time within your window of opportunity then you will tend to have much better results.

How do you do this?

Lunar Mansions

The Moon transits the entire zodiac each month, moving through all the signs and into conjunctions and other aspects with all of the planets. This provides a number of unique opportunities for lunar magic each month.

The exact timing of each opportunity (called elections) is a bit specific, and the details are described fully in quick guide to the lunar mansion system.

In a lunar mansion ritual, you are calling upon the lunar goddess and a different spirit for each lunar day. Each spirit is associated with certain activities and powers which need to be aligned with your operation.

For example the third lunar mansion, Al Thuraya, is a very beneficial lunar mansion (13 degrees of the sky which roughly equals the Moon’s movement through the sky in 24 hours). When the Moon is on the Ascendant (eastern horizon) or Midheaven (directly above) there are opportunities to petition the spirit of the current mansion, assuming conditions are appropriately auspicious.

To make use of one of these lunar mansion elections, you would use a lunar mansion ritual, create a talisman of some kind, and then regularly reconsecrate (re-bless) it each month during the same mansion.

In the hopes of making lunar mansion magic more accessible to a global audience, I produce a quarterly lunar mansion guide with all of the elections in four different timezones around the world.

Traditional Astrological Elections

While lunar mansion elections occur more frequently than elections with other celestial bodies, the volume of other planets and stars to work with offers another route if no suitable lunar mansion elections are available in your area.

The idea is the same as with lunar mansions: certain times provide easier access to certain spirits or energies and by performing astro-magical rituals at these times and to these spirits, we can leverage their powers to accomplish our goals.

The combination of energies that are in effect in a particular election is based on the planets which are in positions of power (relative to each other) and which are actively in aspect (at an important angle to each other in the sky from our perspective on earth).

The subject is vast, with lots of nuance, so it is best to work with an astrologer to find your astro-magical elections but, in general, you want a benefic planet (Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury) in aspect to another benefic, in a relevant house of the zodiac, without any negative conditions in effect.

When an opportunity like this presents itself, the conditions of the planets relevant in the election create a type of energy which is more present -more available for your magic to drawn upon- during the window of time in which the astrological conditions are active.

For example:

  • The Sun rules vitality, wealth, fame, and divination.
  • The Moon rules the body, the intuition, and natural cycles (fertility, growth, harvest, and renewal).
  • Mars rules competition, aggression, warfare,
  • Mercury rules communication, transactions, knowledge, movement, and social interactions.
  • Jupiter rules expansion, piety, authority, long distance travel, and prosperity .
  • Venus rules love, sex, comfort, joy, and creativity.
  • Saturn rules limits, laws, structure, tradition, decay, and death.

Of course, each planet rules more than the specific energies I’ve outlined here but these serve as a guide to the themes of each celestial’s powers and “personality”.

If you’re looking for increased prosperity, you should focus on Jupiter, Mercury, The Sun, and Venus, in different areas of your life. Jupiter for growth, Mercury for opportunities to earn and transact, The Sun for wealth and fame, and Venus for good relations and material comforts.

If you need to win a contest, or a conflict of some kind, you might work with Mars to increase your aggression and odds of victory and Saturn to bind your enemies.

By aligning with the appropriate celestial powers, and finding elections with auspicious conditions between the planets and stars in the sky, you can find the best possible time to petition (ask) for your outcome -making it more likely to occur.

If you’re not an astrologer yourself, don’t worry, there are a number of astrologers who put out paid and free astrological elections each month that you can use.

#2 Way To Boost Your Spells: Repetition

Sometimes your desired outcome doesn’t really align with the space weather (the current astrology) but you still want (or need) to adjust the trajectory of the future. Or, in some cases, you may not know exactly what future you’re trying to create at first because you’re going through some kind of evolutionary / transformative experience and can’t see all the way to its end.

In either of these circumstances you can’t simply create a sigil or work a one-time spell to turn the future to your favor. And this lack of clarity makes it difficult to determine exactly what path to follow in the first place.

When the way forward is unclear, or the conditions in the sky don’t align with your intentions (and you can’t wait), there is another way to boost your spells that’s just as good as timing your magical workings.

It sounds deceptively simple but the key to charging spells in general is repetition; and when working with specific spirits, repetition builds relationship, and relationship increases the fidelity of your spiritual connection. The deeper / stronger the connection, the more effective the magic that comes from it.

When you work with the same spirit(s) over and over again, you build a relationship with them like you would with any collaborator, human or otherwise. Shared experience is shared energy. We become increasingly a part of those we share energy with over time.

Reciprocity, the universal law of energetic exchange, causes give and take to naturally occur between collaborators like a thread weaving you together with those beings you engage the most. And this is why repeatedly exchanging energy through offerings and prayers brings us into closer relationship with spirits we frequently call upon.

A stronger relationship yields stronger, more effective magic. The kind that works in your favor even when you’re not actively trading favors and asking for specific things. By aligning or attuning to their energy you’re also attracting more of it into your life (law of attraction) which makes this relationship more resilient, more effective, and easier to grow and maintain over time.

The final step in the logic of this method is to apply the idea of repetition specifically to your petition as well. Petition consistently, and repeatedly, for the same desired outcomes to the same spirits you’ve spent time building a relationship with and your spells / petitions will become stronger (charged) over time like building momentum.

I talk about this concept in depth in Episode 5 of The Postmugglism Podcast: The Spiritual Gift Economy.

#3 Way To Boost Your Spells: Pacts

Extending the previous idea of relationship-building with spirits to its extreme, you can also form pacts, or long-term agreements, with spirits as a way to level up in the area that a certain sprits rules or influences.

When working with spirits, it becomes obvious quickly that for unknown reasons, one spirit is not as good as another at certain things. Spirits don’t exactly have job titles with certain duties and powers and definitely not others. You’ll find that as you work with a spirit long-term they become helpful in ways that exceed these limitations. But they do tend to focus on their areas of personal responsibility, if you will.

Pacts are a controversial subject in magic, but I think primarily among people who don’t have any pacts with spiritual beings. Also, there’s a pretty significant difference between a pact with a nature spirit and a pact with a ravenous demon. Both will hold you to your word very literally (so be careful what you sign up for) but only one actively wishes you harm and misfortune.

I have a pact with the land spirits which manage the jungle where we’re building our homestead and that relationship has been profoundly magical, beneficial, and, I believe, essential to our continued success here.

A fire recently broke out on our land, literal feet away from our construction materials (all the wood beams, concrete, etc) and our nearly finished house only a few meters further with tinder everywhere around us during a multi-week drought. The conditions for a tragedy were definitely in place but even though I was 20 minutes away the fire was mostly contained by our neighbors by the time I arrived.

Experiences like this have proven the value of spiritual contracts beyond any doubt in my mind. Though I do recommend caution and clearly documenting the details of your agreement in a physical contract of some kind.

The reason that I say this is that if you request an outcome of any significance it becomes difficult to anticipate how the world has to change to make space for your request. And often the unintended consequences invite new levels of responsibility and obligation you didn’t fully understand in advance.

If you work with positive spirits this tends to work out alright because the unintended consequences tend to be fairly acceptable, and probably help you to become a better person along the way.

However, neutral or diabolical spirits (nature spirits and demons, for example) have entirely different agendas that may or may not be compatible with your best interests.

You can always clear contracts later but this is certainly messier and will consume more of your energy than simply not inviting such trouble in the first place.

But there are plenty of circumstances where a standing arrangement with a spiritual ally is a wholly positive addition to your life. I think most established magicians probably have a spirit or two that they work with regularly enough to have established some official terms for their collaboration. I’d consider this a pact, and a positive one at that.

Pacts establish a lasting arrangement you can rely on, assuming you’re holding up your end of the bargain (typically offerings and fulfilling requests from time to time). Having a pact with a spirit gives you a go-to resource with valuable perspectives beyond the limits of time and rational explanation that are simply not available to humans in any other way.

And this relationship is something that you can build on, as a wizard, to learn exciting new magical techniques, to gain insight into the hidden workings of the universe, and to accomplish bigger and bolder magical acts.

You just can’t afford to enter a relationship like this without following through on your end of the bargain. Any failure to do so will almost certainly be met with increasingly frustrating misfortune that starts small and inconvenient but quickly leads to disaster.

If you create a pact with a spirit keep it, or clear it, but never abandon it.

When creating pacts you should start slow and build a relationship through offerings without any petitions. Pay it forward for a while before asking for favors.

When you’ve established contact (and you’ll know when you know) you can move on to testing the waters with small, specific requests. If these are answered, you’re in business. If not, return to giving without asking, and try again later.

After more than 10 “transactions” with a spiritual ally you can begin to explore the idea of working together long-term. Unless you’re very good with channelling spirits, I highly recommend using a visual divination method like tarot for communicating with spirits, to get these kind of nuanced answers. A simple pendulum works for yes / no answers.

If you continue to receive positive results from your dealings with a spirit and don’t have any lingering weird or “funny” feelings afterwards, you can assume everything is going well.

When you’re ready to move the relationship to the next level with a pact, start communicating with the spirit about the terms of the deal, beginning with your offer and what you’d like to receive in return (listen to the story of my own pact-making process in Ep. 14 of The Postmugglism Podcast: Fern Gully Magic).

Be detailed, specific, and exclude anything you don’t want as specifically. Ask and offer in fair exchange and then verify the spirit is in agreement with multiple readings and as many different divinatory methods as possible. You really want to be sure you’re on the same page.

Finally draw up some kind of a contract with the terms for both parties and sign it in ritual. Seal the contract away with some relevant materia in a jar or envelope or similar with a ritual finality (wax, magical seals, burying the contract, or sealing it in a wall -whatever feels appropriate to your situation).

You should start following the terms you agreed to in the contract right away, in good faith, and wait and watch to see that the spirit is also holding up its end of the deal. If so, the deal is struck and the terms are in effect, from this point forward.

Don’t fuck this up and enjoy the benefits!

See The Pattern? The “Power” In Magic Is Borrowed

If you notice, all three of these methods rely on the powers of spiritual allies (celestial spirits and spirits you work with regularly or maintain pacts with) to boost your magical efficacy.

Personal magical power doesn’t amount to very much. Magic is a collaborative act. Spells become more powerful when you involve other magicians and spiritual allies, or call upon deities, your ancestors, and so on.

This changes the game, so to speak, pretty significantly, because you can meditate all you want, practice mind-focusing techniques, and so forth, but still not be effective at magic because you fail to develop relationships with the spirits which rule and influence different aspects of life.

Simply demanding the universe gives you what you want tends not to be very effective because the universe is alive and has its own agenda and opinions which are far more vast and far-reaching than our own.

What tends to work best is aligning your interests with the interests of powerful spirits whose agendas (energies) you authentically support and desire. This places you in the flow of fate rather than swimming against it upstream.

You’ll experience the most success with magic when you realize that, like in life, there are many authorities with greater power and influence than you and by aligning with them, and furthering their interests, you can achieve more for yourself as well…but nothing is free.

Implied in every magical act is a path not taken, an outcome avoided, and all the changes to fate, the future, and your karma which result from that, usually blind, choice. In working the magic, you accept the fate and the karma implicitly.

When you work magic, you’re essentially making a deal with the universe, through its appointed agents (spirits) and owe for the transaction. This shouldn’t evoke fear but it is a serious endeavor and also shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Realizing that we’re not that powerful, magically-speaking, without the assistance of spiritual allies, is actually quite empowering because now you know how the game works.

You don’t have to be special and all-powerful. You can be an average joe with big spirit friends that have your back, as long as you are willing to bring them treats, run their errands, and go where spirit leads you.

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